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Here’s what our clients have to say about working with
Minling and the Brand Fame Team!

Luisa had a $800k launch for her coaching business after working with Minling to develop her brand messaging! With the creation of her new brand message, she was able to start a movement with her audience and create raving fans who couldn’t wait to buy from her!

Want us to help you with creating your unique brand that is 100%
authentic to you and touches your clients hearts and souls?

See how Dinetix was able to transform their brand!

Dinetix is a leading Google Ads company for the transformational industry. They wanted to create a simple and cohesive message that positioned them as the leader in their niche while staying true to their brand. The new branding helped them attract new clients in the transformational industry!

Before, the messaging was not clear and all over the place in describing their services. They felt like they were seen like another agency in the market. They wanted to expand globally. The message at the time didn’t tell the audience what Dinetix did exactly, what made the company unique vs. their competitors, and how they could help their clients succeed.

After, the messaging is clear and concise. It immediately showcased Dinetix’s value and how the company was uniquely positioned to help their clients grow with their R.O.I2 method. We also were able to seamlessly tie in the core philosophy of the company to the brand.

Want us to help you with simplifying your brand message
so your ideal clients KNOW EXACTLY what you do & buy from you?

See how Valerie was able grow her multiple six figure online business!

Valerie is a lawyer who grew her online business from less than six figures to multiple six figures after finding her brand messaging and language that spoke deeply with her audience! She is now seen as the leading expert in the industry and having her clients consistently come to her.

Want to connect deeper with your clients and have them come to you?

See how we re-branded Runway Heels!

Runway Heels is the first patented shoe that transforms from flat to heels and back with a push of a button. The brand didn’t have a clear or cohesive brand message. Their website also did not showcase their value to their customers in a way that captured their hearts and made them buy!

Before, the messaging of the brand was unclear and did not talk about the benefits for the customers to buy from the brand. The layout and images did not showcase the unique value and the features of the product. The brand didn’t have personality.

After, the messaging was streamlined and was easy for their customers to understand the value of the brand AND it showcased the brands personality. We weaved the founder’s story into the brand messaging and gave personalities to each shoe design to make the brand stand out.

Want create a brand that represents the real you and captures your essence, your personality, and your spirit?

Who is Minling?

For many years, I worked or consulted for Fortune 500 companies such as Nestle (on the Lean Cuisine & Toll House Brands), Toyota, Sumitomo, and UBM helping them to build their brands.

One of the products I launched for Lean Cuisine made $54 Million in revenue and won Product Of The Year!

Even though I had a successful career in branding working on well known brands, I knew in my heart I was capable of making an even greater impact in the world. That’s when I started my own business and began my own personal transformative journey.

There are two main focuses in my business. Brand Consulting & Brand Coaching.

Within Brand Consulting, my team and I work with entrepreneurs and companies who are ready to UPLEVEL their brand in a big way. We work closely to create the right value proposition, positioning, messaging, visuals to represent the next evolution of their brand.

Within Brand Coaching, I work closely with my clients both 1:1 and inside of my mastermind, Radiant Leaders Unleashed, and group programs to help my clients unlock their inner radiance so they can shine online with their personal brand. I do this with not only the branding strategy, but working on the energetic level removing the blocks and beliefs holding them back from fully expressing themselves. I have studied with some of the best teachers and mentors and have been certified in a variety of energy healing modalities such as Quantum Healing, Quantum Flow, Psych-K, and Sacred Soul Alignments.

Based on my 10+ years of experience, I strongly believe that branding goes beyond the logos, graphics, website, and visuals.

Branding is about how you make people FEEL.

One of the differentiating ways I help all my clients is to help them to tap into their own essence, their own soul, their own self expression to create a brand that truly represents them! I get to the heart of your brand and HELP YOU BRING YOUR BRAND TO LIFE!

And you can even see my personal journey with my brand where I went from a “shy girl” who didn’t like to be front and center of her brand when I first started my business to becoming a woman full of confidence in herself, what I have to offer, and embodying my inner radiance in my brand. The photo evolution is a testament to the transformation of myself and my brand!

Embodiment of your brand, whether you are a solopreneur or larger company with employees, is critical to the success of your business. It’s what creates the feeling of excitement and conjures the feelings of “I must work with them!”

When you can get to this deep level of connection with your clients, they can’t help but fall in love with you and your brand and say YES to buying from you!

I look forward to having my team help you create a brand that represents YOU and radiates the “it” factor that magnetizes clients to you!


Here’s What Our Clients Have Been Able To Achieve

*Everyone of these extraordinary entrepreneurs on this page took action, followed through, were very coachable, and got terrific results. Their results are in no way shape or form a guarantee for you to achieve the same results. But if you are ready to go for it in your business, we’re here to help!

Jessica Riversion

Jessica needed support in shifting her brand after outgrowing her old brand messaging. She felt stuck and needed help creating a message that aligned with her new direction.

As a result, Jessica was able to expand and grow her business even more and attracted NEW clients she LOVES working with because her brand represented her!

Katja Kempe

Katja is the founder of Viveka, the worlds largest marketplace for coaches. The branded needed help communicating the value of Viveka to 3 different stakeholders (investors, coaches, and individuals looking for coaching), each with unique needs.

We worked with them to identify Viveka’s unique value proposition and help them be seen as the leader in the industry.

Luisa Marin

Luisa wanted to take her coaching business from a side hobby and replace her full time income from her job as a teacher. She was charging $150 for her brain balancing and body code sessions and was afraid of increasing her prices.

After working on getting clear on her target market, her value in the market, shifting her offer, and energetically aligning her to what she desired to earn, she made over $12k in 10 weeks.

This is double what she earned all of the previous year. And her current clients are easily saying YES to working with her plus renewing with her at her higher prices.

Giovanna Healy

Giovanna is a Reiki master and Trauma Release Alchemist. She wanted help with building her business and brand online so that she could book clients with ease.

At first she was afraid to share her story of being a domestic violence survivor even though she has healed from that past.  We worked on her energy to own this as part of her story and helped her step into her divine role of empowering other domestic violence survivors reclaim their voice and identities.

Since working together, she has booked 5 high paying private clients and booked out her first group program.

Sammy Taggett

Sammy is an international DJ who was looking to create a cohesive message to attract more clients in the transformational events/festival industry. He already played at large festivals around the world, but he wanted to expand his reach.

We worked with Sammy to create his brand messaging that captures the essence of what he does. It’s more than playing music, he helps create lifelong bonds between festival attendees on the dance floor.

Tatiana Q.

Tatiana is an executive at a leading Tech company. She wanted support in figuring out what her purpose was and how she could incorporate her passion of mindset into a potential career.

When she started coaching with me, she had blocks around her abundance and mindset. In our time together, she 4x her income from her corporate job, launched a paid speaking career landing engagements from $4-8k, sold out 2 group programs, effectively doubling her “side business” revenues in 1 year.

Jenn Scalia

Minling is a brand genius.

Mining is a brand genius. When I was ready to up level my brand, she helped me get clarity on how to make the transition in a way that felt in alignment with the direction I was going in.

She not only helped me shift the language in my brand, but also developed an amazing tagline for my business that I am using as a staple in my marketing and positioning.

Laura Wright

Laura made $56k after her group challenge!

I just signed on 7 clients from the 5 day challenge I did two weeks ago. The challenge is what sold them on working with me.

The thing I am doing, which Minling showed me how to do, is I’m speaking very brand authentic. I’m not even trying to be the brand any more, I just am the brand.

Minling helped me flip the switch to see what is brand aligned and I’m just sticking to that. Branding is the underlying thread that creates the magic that makes everything else work.

Jaclyn Zuckerman

I now have weekly income.

I was in an in-between phase of my company and wanted to learn how to grow more, engage in a larger audience, and bring more revenue regularly.

Since working with Minling, I now have weekly income through new clients and month sponsorships for my radio show. Minling really teaches you how to evaluate your business and even the littlest changes can make a huge difference.

Drinie Aguilar

My business has become a breeze.

Before working with Minling I was challenged in piecing parts of my brand together. Knowing that this was Minling’s strength, she was the oneI wanted to work with for a while.

Minling helped hone my main focus, opt-in offer, tagline and strategies on how to connect with my ideal clients.

I just started implementing some of the strategies, and it’s already making a noticeable difference. I’m so excited, ‘cause I’m just getting started.

Since working with Minling running my business has become a breeze because it now has a clear focus, and it happens to be something I love to do.

I highly recommend working with Minling. She’ll has a way of bringing out the best in you and your brand!

Luisa Zhou

Minling helped me get such intense clarity on my branding — I only wish I’d found her sooner!

When I reached out to Minling, I was already doing very well in my business but not connecting as deeply to the hearts of my customers as I wanted to. I knew I had an incredibly powerful story to share but was having trouble verbalizing it despite speaking with several friends and mentors.

After just 2 hours together, I FINALLY had the language I’d been searching for, and after sharing it w/ even just a handful of people, I knew that I had found my magic — repeatedly, I heard “this spoke to my soul,” “I just got goosebumps…,” etc.

I know that even though I can’t directly relate the session to xx% increase in revenue, that the intangible return on investment was more than 1000%.

Amy Biondini

I now have weekly income.

I was unclear on which direction to take my brand to continue to create a strong foundation for my business. One of the key shifts that happened in my business was Minling’s reframe around trying things on and seeing how they felt in my business.That really helped me shift into action rather than waiting until things felt “just right”.

Within days of discussing creating an offer that I didn’t think I’d be able to do, I booked a client! And we are both loving it! That win inspired me to make bolder steps and reap the results!

When I look back to my time with Minling I can see just how much changed in my business during our work together. It was a pivotal time in my business and without doubt the most valuable in my business in the year.

Brooke Strauss-Dobi

I signed on new 7 clients!

Minling is amazing at helping you define your branding message. Once I defined my message and what my business is all about, it boosted my confidence and improved my mindset.

I signed on 7 clients in a month which never happened to me before. I attribute this to the rebranding of my business which Minling helped me do. I highly recommend working with Minling to any entrepreneur who feels “stuck”.

Tracy Neely

I walked away with an amazing brand that allows me to talk about my service with so much confidence!

I knew that creating my new brand was the first step in my marketing process. Since I changed the direction of my business, I wanted to make sure I had a brand that felt really good and felt authentic. Having a brand was so important to me and I knew I couldn’t figure it out on my own.

From the intensive I walked away with an amazing brand that allows me to talk about my services with so much confidence because my brand feels like me.

After my intensive, my energy changed and I connected with so many women who were attracted to me and my new message. It feels so effortless now talking about what I do and I know it is because Minling has the gift of intuitively seeing and hearing exactly who you are and what your talents are.

Danielle Sabrina

I was contacted by several media outlets for interviews and to feature my business.

After my branding session with Minling, I was able to position myself and my packages so that they all fell into a cohesive unit.

After implementing the changes, I was contacted by several media outlets for interviews and to feature my business. We’re not talking about logos here, we’re talking about true brand positioning!

Natalie Taggert

Natalie shifted her blocks and started making $5k months!

Thuy Tran

Thuy had her best month making $7K!

Monica Woodhams

Monica launched her first digital course!

Drinie Aguilar

Drinie booked 9 discovery calls within 4 days of our intensive!

Rebecca Matias

Rebecca had an epic transformation with her business!

Kylie Slavik

Kylie felt really understood and seen during her branding intensive!

Want create a brand that represents the real you and captures your essence, your personality, and your spirit?