Activating Brand Love


Activating Brand Love is designed to break through the bullshit holding you back through deep healing, transform your identity so you become who you were born to be, and powerfully create your brand that is in TOTAL alignment to you, one where your soulmate clients can’t resist you.

Over 8 weeks, go deep into 3 main containers with 2-4 modules each.

Container 1: Awaken Your Love Through Deep Healing
Week 1: Identify And Deactivate Beliefs Keeping You Stuck
Week 2: Recode, And Anchor Your Beliefs Into Your Mind, Body, And Soul

Container 2: Amplify Your Divine Truth & Transform Your Identity
Week 3: Open Your Vessel And Channel To Speak Your Truth
Week 4: Transform & Become Your New Identity

Container 3: Activate, Energize, & Magnetize Your Soulmate Clients By Being The NEW YOU
Week 5: Create Potent And Powerful Content From Your Soul
Week 6: Activate Your Soul Offer For Your Soulmate Tribe
Week 7: Become The Embodied Version Of Your Brand
Week 8: Sell With Love And Total Ease

My intention is that by the end of the 8 weeks, you become a whole new version of you!

One where you…

– Become an energetic match with your brand and your soulmate clients.
– Have a new level of certainty and confidence within yourself.
– Shift the way you show up online and in your brand.
– Magnetize more people to you who LOVE what you do and want to work with you.

And by being a part of this program, I hold this energy vibration with you.

To apply, send an email to with the answers to these questions.

1. Who are you? So I can get to know you because I love deeply getting to know my clients and learning about what lights you up!

2. Why do you feel called Activated Brand Love for your self and brand?

3. What is the biggest thing you are looking to gain out of Activating Brand Love?

4. How committed are you to getting to the program and getting massive results? 1 being not committed, 10 being 100% ready to do whatever it takes.

Then we can look at if this is a right fit for you and move forward with the next step.