We believe in you!

Your potential

Your brilliance

Your ability to impact others

Your brand becoming legendary

Because you are on this planet to make an impact and a big difference in people’s lives. And we stand behind your vision, your mission, and your divine purpose.

There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing you step into your own power, purpose, presence by fully embodying your message and boldy owning your voice.

Branding starts with you, your identity, your soul.

That’s why we believe in going deeper than the visuals when we work with our clients on their brand.

Visuals, photos, graphics, and websites can (and often do) change over time. But that’s not the reason why your dream clients buy from you.

Your dream clients buy from you when their soul resonates deeply with the soul of your brand. When they feel a magical connection to you and what you have to offer. When they feel you are the one they have been searching for.

This is why my team and I don’t focus on the visuals when it comes to branding. Instead, we help our clients evolve into the next level of their.

And it starts from being clear on your self identity, uncovering your brand identity, and owning your soul identity.

Hi ..

I’m Minling

Brand Soul Activator & Mentor for Impact Driven Entrepreneurs

Growing up, I didn’t want to be an entrepreneur. I never thought it was possible for me, especially because the traditional Asian path in life was to get the best grades, go to a top ranked college and grad school, and land a high paying job.

For the first part of my life, I did just that. I went to USC for undergrad, received my MBA from Indiana University, and worked on billion dollar brands (Nestle Toll House and Lean Cuisine) while doing brand management at Nestle.

I even launched a $54 million dollar product for Lean Cuisine that also won product of the year.

But after a life changing trip to Nepal, I felt lost and without purpose. I thought to myself…”Is this it in life?”.

Everything I accomplished up to that point was for someone else, mostly my parents. Although grateful for my job, it wasn’t fulfilling or feeding my soul and I felt a deep longing to do something that mattered, something with purpose.

I ended up quitting my job and started a journey of self discovery, growth, and entrepreneurship.

People always sugar coat the entrepreneurship journey, but the truth is the journey is a winding road. For me, it’s been an evolutionary process of finding myself, my voice, my purpose.

To even get to this point where I’ve made 6 figures in my business, worked with coaches (both new and 7 figure clients), small businesses, and even large, multinational, companies such as Toyota, Sumitomo, and UBM has been one filled with many lessons, challenges, growth, shifts, changes, and more.

Along the way, I’ve learned that in order to be successful as an entrepreneur it takes more than the surface level strategies, tactics, websites, marketing, etc. And that the process is not a one and done process where you hit your goal and you can stop growing. You have to constantly evolve into the next level and version of yourself..

That’s why I’ve integrated my 10+ years of self development, growth, and spiritual practice with my 8+ years of deep knowledge in branding and marketing into the work we do here.

Being a successful entrepreneur requires both self practice and strategy.

Ultimately, you are your brand. And to show up as the brand you want to be, you have to become that version of you first.

This is exactly what we do best. And how we are different than most “branding” and “marketing” experts. We focus on YOU and the EVOLUTION of you become the fullest expression of yourself and your brand. It’s all about helping others see your brilliance, what you were meant to do, and you create the impact and money you desire.


To ignite happiness and joy into humanity and everyday life.


To energize pure potential within each person we touch, one brand at a time.

The world is waiting for Your Brilliance!

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