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Minling is a BrandGenius

“When I was ready to up level my brand, she helped me get clarity on how to make the transition in a way that felt in alignment with the direction I was going in.

She not only helped me shift the language in my brand, but also developed an amazing tagline for my business that I am using as a staple in my marketing and positioning.”

Jenn Scalia , 7 Figure Mindset & Marketing Coach

I booked 3 clients in one week

I was seriously on my way to closing my business before I saw Minling’s Facebook ad. After years of being a “successful” dating expert, I was dissatisfied with the state of my business and bank account.

As an entrepreneur and stay-at-home mom, it’s frustrating when you’re business in not thriving the way you really need it to in order to support your family.

I signed up for Minling’s newsletter and immediately received tips and tools that reinvigorated my passion for my business. I quickly overhauled my entire website (I DIY a lot of things lol), refocused my message and services and found myself in a sweet space. I booked 3 clients in one week and I’m on my way to my 4th!

Minling is a rock star and I don’t say that about just anyone. What she teaches truly is simple and “Why the hell didn’t I think of that?” I never realized how much I was working against myself before joining Minling’s community.

You would be a fool not to do everything this lady tells you to do. LOL! She is amazing.

Jasmine Diaz , Relationship Coach

I just signed 7 clients

I just signed on 7 clients from the 5 day challenge I did two weeks ago. The challenge is what sold them on working with me.

The thing I am doing, which Minling showed me how to do, is I’m speaking very brand authentic. I’m not even trying to be the brand any more, I just am the brand.

Minling helped me flip the switch to see what is brand aligned and I’m just sticking to that. Branding is the underlying thread that creates the magic that makes everything else work.

Laura Wright , Sales Coach

I found my core messaging

I decided to work with Minling because I had been working for months to get clear on my messaging and brand. I was so close but still not quite there. Minling helped me tap into why I originally started my business, who I wanted to help, and what I was most passionate about. I had strayed off my path a little and Minling helped me to find the core of my messaging and my brand for my business.

Now, I can look at everything I put out into the world through the lens of my brand essence to make sure I am always on point. Minling’s energy and optimism made this process easy and painless. I would absolutely recommend Minling if you’re still skirting around your message and your brand and need a little support to tap into who you are and what you want to bring to the world.

Lacey Nager , Confidence & Visibility Coach

I signed on 7 clients

Minling is amazing at helping you define your branding message. Once I defined my message and what my business is all about, it boosted my confidence and improved my mindset.

I signed on 7 clients in a month which never happened to me before. I attribute this to the rebranding of my business which Minling helped me do. I highly recommend working with Minling to any entrepreneur who feels “stuck”.

Brooke Strauss-Dobi , Digital Marketer

I booked $7K in my business

When I first came to Minling, I was struggling to articulate my message in a way that people could immediately understand and get people to see the value in my work. And because my messaging was unclear, I resisted creating content.

After working with Minling, we finally unlocked my message and now I feel confidently sharing what I do. I am also able to create content with ease and flow. By the end of our time together, I closed $7K in sales and launched my first membership program.

Thuy Tran , Energy Healer & Manifestation Coach


Luisa just had an $800k Launch!

I wish I’d found her sooner

“Minling helped me get such intense clarity on my branding — I only wish I’d found her sooner!

When I reached out to Minling, I was already doing very well in my business but not connecting as deeply to the hearts of my customers as I wanted to. I knew I had an incredibly powerful story to share but was having trouble verbalizing it despite speaking with several friends and mentors.

After just 2 hours together, I FINALLY had the language I’d been searching for, and after sharing it w/ even just a handful of people, I knew that I had found my magic — repeatedly, I heard “this spoke to my soul,” “I just got goosebumps…,” etc.

I know that even though I can’t directly relate the session to xx% increase in revenue, that the intangible return on investment was more than 1000%.”

Luisa Zhou , 7 Figure Business Coach

My business has become a breeze.

Before working with Minling I was challenged in piecing parts of my brand together. Knowing that this was Minling’s strength, she was the one I wanted to work with for a while.

Minling helped hone my main focus, opt-in offer, tagline and strategies on how to connect with my ideal clients.

I just started implementing some of the strategies, and it’s already making a noticeable difference. I’m so excited, ‘cause I’m just getting started.Since working with Minling running my business has become a breeze because it now has a clear focus, and it happens to be something I love to do.

I highly recommend working with Minling. She’ll has a way of bringing out the best in you and your brand!

Drinie Aguilar , Yoga Teacher & Life Coach

Drinie booked 9 discovery calls in 3 days!

I went from 1 client to 4

When I reached out to Minling I was struggling with deciding on the direction I wanted to take my brand. There were a few things I wanted to do, but wasn’t sure where I should be focusing.

Working with Minling, she helped me focus on the areas which I’m an expert in and see how I can help people that way.

During our time together, I went from one client to four. I more than tripled my email list. I made money in my business each time that we worked together.

Monica Woodhams , Influencer & Marketer

Amy Biondini

I was unclear on which direction to take my brand to continue to create a strong foundation for my business.


One of the key shifts that happened in my business was Minling’s reframe around trying things on and seeing how they felt in my business.That really helped me shift into action rather than waiting until things felt “just right”.


Within days of discussing creating an offer that I didn’t think I’d be able to do, I booked a client! And we are both loving it! That win inspired me to make bolder steps and reap the results!


When I look back to my time with Minling I can see just how much changed in my business during our work together. It was a pivotal time in my business and without doubt the most valuable in my business in the year.

Jenna Lobos

Working with Minling was an incredible treat! I had been struggling with coming up with the specific message for my brand and although I knew it was brimming inside of me, I needed guidance.


Minling has an incredible way of coaching without being overbearing which I loved, she helped me tap into my inner knowing by asking me specific questions, which allowed me to discover the answers that were already inside of me that just needed to be uncovered. With her incredible skills, I had breakthroughs on the exact words and message I wanted my brand to stand for!! I adored how we started each session with an intention or a meditation, not only did I feel like we accomplished my my goals but I always left our conversations feeling uplifted, clearer in my vision and with a deeper knowing that my brand was taking on a new life.


Since working with Minling, my weekly Beauty Boost newsletter has been a treat to send out and has been getting a lot of attention thus far! I would recommend anyone who is struggling to find the emotion behind there branding to work with Minling, you will not be disappointed!

Nazeera Moola

If you are reading this testimonial, then you are about to make a great decision and a brilliant investment in your brand! When I started working with Minling, I had a few vague and incongruent ideas about my brand and what it should be. To be honest, the whole concept of branding totally scared me.


Minling helped me understand the concept of branding and very gently but expertly helped me work out what my brand is and how to position it. She helped me to visualise my brand, and to tie the various brand concepts together into a coherent whole. She also gave me great general business and marketing input that I didn’t expect and that I am incorporating into my start-up business.


Minling is highly efficient and she guided me towards a solution that really worked for me. She totally got my vision and helped me understand how to make it real. My sessions with Minling, while incredibly intense, were loads of fun too. I am totally looking forward to working with Minling in the future as she is definitely a very important part of my brand.

Tanika Mason

Working with Minling totally took me and my new messaging by storm.


In just a few short moments she was able to absolutely convey my exact thoughts on where I had been wanting to take my new messaging, but just hadn’t been able to pull it all out or together for that matter.


She literally put into words all I had been trying to work on for months and almost years. And now that I have this new messaging, my entire life has literally changed. Not only for my clients but for me!


I can live my message everyday and it’s so powerful for all that embrace it too. I’m ecstatic for all the new things to come and that have already taken place with my new messaging! Thank you Minling! Love to you!

Amy Mendez

Working with Minling to gain brand clarity re-invigorated our passion for our mission and helped us to see new opportunities.

My partner and I established our business about 2 years ago. Although our business had realized some success, we had lost momentum and faith in ourselves. We decided to work with Minling because we knew we needed to clarify our brand value proposition and to refine how we engage customers accordingly.


In working with Minling, we identified key elements of our brand value proposition that will enable us to reduce inventory while offering more relevant products and content for our customers to enhance their experience of our brand.


It was remarkable how much we were able to achieve in such a short time. The direct outcome of working with Minling is identifying specific, measurable, time-bound steps for how to pursue various opportunities for our new brand direction. We would highly recommend working with Minling to anyone who needs coaching to clarify their brand!

Tracy Neely

I knew that creating my new brand was the first step in my marketing process. Since I changed the direction of my business, I wanted to make sure I had a brand that felt really good and felt authentic. Having a brand was so important to me and I knew I couldn’t figure it out on my own.


From the intensive I walked away with an amazing brand that allows me to talk about my services with so much confidence because my brand feels like me.


After my intensive, my energy changed and I connected with so many women who were attracted to me and my new message. It feels so effortless now talking about what I do and I know it is because Minling has the gift of intuitively seeing and hearing exactly who you are and what your talents are

Danielle Sabrina

After my branding session with Minling, I was able to position myself and my packages so that they all fell into a cohesive unit.


After implementing the changes, I was contacted by several media outlets for interviews and to feature my business. We’re not talking about logos here, we’re talking about true brand positioning!

Jaclyn Zuckerman

I was in an in-between phase of my company and wanted to learn how to grow more, engage in a larger audience, and bring more revenue regularly.


Since working with Minling, I now have weekly income through new clients and month sponsorships for my radio show. Minling really teaches you how to evaluate your business and even the littlest changes can make a huge difference.

Ysmay Walsh

Minling knows business! I was going through a period of fogginess in my business. I was running around without knowing entirely where to focus my energies for the biggest impact. Minling turned that all around!


She got me headed in the right direction and has made it possible for me to have the solid business framework I am so blessed to have. If you have a chance to work with Minling, you have to take it!

Rachel Hanfling

Minling is a fountain of creativity, collaboration and care. She really listens because she wants to understand what’s unique about you and your brand.


Then, she brings a corporate perspective that’s outside the box. You’ll find her expertise, passion and heart every aspect of her work.

Tasha Christy

Just wanted to say thank you! I just got my first paying client!!


I know it is a lot because of the help you have me in honing on my message and my ideal.client. Also, because I had the automated funnel set up, I didn’t have to hustle because leads were consistently coming in. I just wanted to say thanks and there’s more where that came from…

Leesa Hubbard

Minling is a brilliant brand strategist.


She has exactly what you’re looking for to create stand out brand and help you simplify your brand essence and message. In one conversation, I got clarity on the exact message I needed to articulate my brand.

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