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HiVE Talks


High Vibe Entrepreneurs (HiVE) is a community of entrepreneurs
on Clubhouse who are committed to creating IMPACT, INCOME,

We go beyond the strategy.

Our thought leaders share the secret behind living an abundant and fulfilling life – giving you insights
and tools around mindset, energy, healing, manifestation and more.

To learn about how you can be a part of HiVE and join our HiVE talks,
download this free guide on Monetizing Your Influence on Clubhouse.


Main Weekly Rooms

We believe in giving REAL VALUE in our rooms every week.

That’s why our rooms provide valuable insight, knowledge, and tools you can implement immediately in your business & your life.

The moderators don’t hold back as they share their experiences for what has worked and hasn’t worked.

You’ll also be given an opportunity to ask your questions and be coached in the rooms.

Mondays Noon Pacific:
Magic + Manifestations – Intuitively build a business you love

Building a business goes beyond having the right strategy. Our moderators will share their secrets to building a successful business by tapping into their intuition and the power of manifestation. You’ll also learn how to remove your subconscious blocks to receive more inspiration, creativity, and abundance in your business.

Recurring Moderators: Minling Chuang, Erica Lester, Thuy Porter, Zameer Kurji

Guest Moderators: Sarah Prout, Heather Allison, Francesca Hogi, Lisseth Makhael


Wednesdays Noon Pacific:
Magnetic Branding & Marketing – Attracting your dream clients

How do you attract your dream clients? By creating a magnetic brand! Our moderators will share how they’ve been able to attract their dream clients with ease. You’ll learn how to create a brand that stands out and become the ONLY brand your clients want to buy from!

Recurring Moderators: Minling Chuang, Ciara Mumford, Alyssa Risley

Guest Moderators: Jenna Faith, Tamy Jayne, Colleen Gallagher, Rebecca Satori


Fridays Noon Pacific:
Quantum Money + Wealth – Align your vibration to receive more abundance

Money & Wealth is easy to attain if you know how to align your vibration. Our moderators will share how they’ve been able to shift their thoughts, energy, and frequency to receive more money and wealth. You’ll learn the common misconceptions about money and how to release your subconscious blocks around money and abundance.

Recurring Moderators: Minling Chuang, Ciara Mumford, Keri Norley, Shayla Locklear, Joanna Turner, Lisseth Makhael

Guest Moderators: Suzy Ashworth, Yerlin Ramirez, Amanda Testa


Other Recurring Rooms

These are additional rooms HiVE moderators are hosting.

2nd & 4th Wednesdays 2pm Pacific:
Energy Clearing & Healing

Are you energetically feeling something is off or not right? Want to receive a powerful healing by one of our moderators who’s trained in Energy Clearing and Healing? Join this room to receive an energy clearing and healing.

Recurring Moderators: Thuy Porter

Pop Up Rooms

These are pop up rooms where we will have special guests.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020 at 6pm Pacific :
Quantum Hacking with Dr. Chill (Jhene Aiko’s Father)

We are honored to have Karamo Chilombo with us to talk Quantum Hacking and bless us with his wisdom. Join us as we dive deep with Jhene Aiko’s father and hack reality with Dr. Chil!



Bios of our Moderators is Coming Soon!