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You’re talent is meant to be seen by more than 1, 2, or 3 people.

Then why does your list size feel more like a little cozy family gathering than a red carpet affair where you are the star?

Here’s the truth. Size Matters.

And not just any size, but the right size — one filled with your ideal clients who are lining up around the block to work with you.


Growing your list doesn’t have to take forever.

When I first rebranded my business, I gained 500 new subscribers in less than 3 weeks. Then 1,200 in 3 months and 1,700 in 4 months.

Now my list is over 6,000 people.


One of my freebies even has more than 1,000 people who have signed up to receive the download.

And another freebie landed me 4 new clients in less than a week!

Not only did I build relationships with my ideal clients who subscribed to my list, but I also became the go-to expert for branding strategy and marketing.

Other perks of building my list quickly?

Grabbing the attention of other experts and being invited to be their branding guest expert in their programs at speak on stage at their events, where I was then able to book new clients.

Growing my list quickly gave me WAY more exposure to my ideal clients.

Building my list in a flash and becoming the go-to brand in my industry has helped me rapidly grown Brand Fame with clients who already want to work with me.

And that’s exactly what the 5 Day Flash List Course is designed to help you do.

These are the exact steps I’ve used in my current business to reach 6 figures.

It’s also covers the same principles I used when I worked at Nestle on the Lean Cuisine brand and launched a $54 Million product.

You MUST create interest.

And if your freebie doesn’t do that then you’ll have a harder time getting people to buy your actual products and services.

In this 5 Day Flash List Course, you will learn…

DAY 1: How to position your brand for success

DAY 2: The secret behind finding your niche and knowing exactly what they want

DAY 3: How to create your killer opt in that everyone wants

DAY 4: The steps to build landing pages that convert (BIG TIME)! (I’m spilling the secrets how I craft landing pages that convert 50-60% of the time — hint, industry standards are only 20%)

DAY 5: Magnetic marketing that attracts high quality leads to your opt in (including the one FB post that got me 230 opt ins in a week with no FB ads).

Each day’s training includes a video training and playsheets to help you with creating the perfect freebie for your ideal clients will be lining up (with email addresses in hand) to get.

Not sure this is right for you? Here’s a some pearls of wisdom from a few people who participated in the 5 Day Flash List Course…

The first step in any business is to create interest.

And having a killer freebie your ideal clients want to have (not to mention building your own list of raving fans in the process) will help you reach your business dreams [insert dream here]!

The 5 Day Flash List Course is valued at $197, but for only $47, you’ll get access to all 5 training videos PLUS the accompanying playsheets when you sign up today.

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