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Activate Brand


You’ve tried to build your business and brand.

But something seems to be falling flat.

The clients you desire aren’t coming to you.

The strategies you implement don’t seem to work.


Hustling all the time…

With Nothing to show for it.

It’s Damn Frustrating!

And you wonder…

”What the heck am I doing wrong?”

I’ve been there too.

The truth is, you are not doing anything “wrong” in the traditional sense.

It’s not the strategy.

It’s your ENERGY.

To become a brand your soulmate clients fall in LOVE with and BUY from, you have to FULLY EMBODY YOUR BRAND, and become the version of you who attracts the clients you desire.

You see, everything is energy. You emit an energetic frequency that people can FEEL.

How you show up in your brand is how people EXPERIENCE you and therefore PERCEIVE you.

And if they are drawn in by you, who you are, what you share, your essence, they will want what you have. Period.

This is true magnetism.

95% of all purchases are made subconsciously.

People buy based on gut feeling or an emotional connection to the brand.

This is the missing piece for most entrepreneurs.

Focusing too much on the strategy and not enough around their energy.

And this was me a few years ago.

Hi, I’m Minling!

Quantum Expansion & 5D Business Mentor

I’ve worked on brands for large Fortune 500 companies including Nestle, Toyota, and Sumitomo Corporation.

While at Nestle, I launched a $54 Million Product that won Product Of The Year, no easy feat in a highly competitive market.

Since then I have built 2 successful companies.

But it wasn’t always this way.

When I first started I wanted to know HOW to do everything. I wanted the strategy. And I became obsessed with learning the hows.

Even though I also did a lot of personal development, I didn’t realize how important my energy was tied to my results.

>> I would hop on sales calls, after learning the “right scripts” and bomb the calls because I was so nervous to say the price (and they could feel that).

>> I would follow the “formula” for posting on social media, but few people seem to care or listen.

It wasn’t until I was able to shift my beliefs and confidence in what I do, was I able to confidently book clients who paid $3,500 or more to work with me over 3 months.

And pretty soon after I shifted my beliefs, I made my first $14,000 month with so much ease.

That was when I started to pay more attention to my inner work – my beliefs, energy, all of it.

I started taking more courses, studying with mentors, and I even became certified in 3 different modalities around belief and energy work.

Pretty soon I was able to raise my prices and clients started paying me $5,000, then $7,500, and $15,000 to work with me.

Although I applied the energy work to myself and a select few clients, I never publicly shared the depth of the work I did until 1.5 years ago because I was always known as the branding expert and was afraid what people would think if I started talking about belief work, energy healings, etc.

But one night, when I was deep in slumber, I all of a sudden woke up in the middle of the night with total clarity that I had to integrate personal development, energy healings, and branding together.

I found my purpose…

To help you become the true essence of who you are,

speak your truth,

and fully embody your brand.


Because when you embody your brand, you become unstoppable.

You start to exude this passion and speak with conviction.

People can’t help but notice you.

Since I’ve stepped into this version of my identity and shown up more and more fully, expressing myself, my truth inside of my brand, I receive messages and comments from people who tell me they are so inspired by my work.

I have people reaching out to me randomly out of the blue wanting to work with me.

She booked 2 clients out of the blue & manifested her goal!

Working with Minling has been incredibly deepening and complimentary to the many inner and outer work I’ve been doing all this year. Her authentic energy in her work to empower clients in finding their true voice has given me another dimension to how I see myself, my business and my brand.

To my surprise, two clients landed out of the blue within weeks and I was able to manifest exactly what I had asked for! As I continue to soar in wonderful new found space, I now hold this connection to my deeper identity in every expression I have in this world. I am truly excited for all the possibilities and things that are coming my way!! Thank you!!

Aska Naito, Leadership Coach 

When people get to know you, the real you.
AND see you as the authority expert.

They say YES to working with you.


No hard sales needed.

Are you ready to step into your power and magnetism?

She shifted exponentially with her new brand identity.

ABL was an incredible journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. To discover all the hidden beliefs and patterns that prevented mefrom showing up in my business and speaking out with my authentic voice.

Minling is a magical facilitator with such a warms calm energy you feel connected to source through her presence.

Being able to visualize and step into my new brand identity shifted me exponentially. I have so much more clarity, confidence and commitment to showing up at a higher level with my soul offerings.

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to operate their business from their heart and soul. Minling has the qualities to be able to activate your soul messages through this wonderful course and channeled guidance.

Angela Wilcock, Founder of F*ck !t Therapy

Activate Brand Love

Is an 8 week experience where we dive deep into who you are, your truth, and unlock your fullest expression so your soulmate clients see you, hear you, fall in love with you, and buy from you.

This program is a holistic approach to branding.

More than just the visuals.

More than just the strategy.

Activate Brand Love teaches you how to brand from the inside out.

The foundation of the program is built on 3 main containers that was designed to take you on a transformative journey.

Container 1: Awaken Your Love Through Deep Healing

Container 2: Amplify Your Divine Truth & Transform Your Identity

Container 3: Activate, Energize & Magnetize Your Soulmate Clients By Being The NEW YOU


You’ll not only be able to heal yourself and shift through your own beliefs and blocks, but you’ll be able to find your truth (and purpose), step into your new identity, and magnetize clients to you.

Each container includes 2-4 modules for a total of 8 modules. There are also additional bonus meditations, healings, alignments, visualizations, and activations within each of the trainings.

All the modules include a workbook that thoroughly guides you through the transformative process and apply what you learn into your everyday life.

Awaken Your Love Through Deep Healing

(Weeks 1-2)

To receive more love, more clients, and more money, you have to be an open channel for receiving.

Fears, doubts, limiting beliefs, self sabotage, lack of self confidence and love closes your ability to receive more in your life & business.

And being stuck at a plateau is one of the signs you are block energetically.

What you receive has a direct correlation to how much love you have for yourself.

When you come from a place of love and wholeness vs. fear and lack, you attract clients with more ease.

They see you for who you really are, they love you and your energy, and they want to buy from you because when you are whole, you are vibrating from a place of abundance.

Week 1: Identify & Deactivate The Codes Keeping You Stuck

Our focus is to understand the beliefs, patterns, distortions, and energetic codes keeping you stuck.

This work goes beyond traditional mindset.

Most mindset strategies ONLY deal with the surface level (conscious) thoughts.

Affirmations and positive thinking are ineffective if you don’t do the deeper internal energy work to clear the root cause of the beliefs and patterns.

You’ll learn how to go deep into the subconscious to reveal where the beliefs first popped up and re-code the patterns and beliefs on a cellular level to fully let go of the patterns once and for all.

This is where quantum shifts happen, beneath the surface.

Week 2: Recode & Anchor New Beliefs Into Your Body, Mind, & Soul

Once you clear out your old beliefs, it’s time to anchor in and activate your new beliefs into your energetic field and your body.

During this process, you’ll learn a powerful future self visualization process to shift your frequency and embody the future version of you in the present moment.

And you’ll begin to alter your frequency, energy and the way you show up in your brand by creating new habits and beliefs.

Your results are a product of the your habits and beliefs you integrate into your life on a daily basis.

This is where the transformation begins, re-coding your beliefs.

Ampilify Your Divine Truth & Transform Your Identity

(Weeks 3-4)

Your truth is your power.

You were given a unique gift in this world.

But you have been keeping yourself small and not allowing the true version of you to shine, leaving you feeling unfulfilled.

When you remember who you really are and why you are here on this planet, you unlock your internal passion and power.

Your energy shifts. And you become a magnet to receive MORE in your life (the clients, money, and fulfillment).

By showing up in your own truth, your potential clients become intoxicated by your presence. They become inspired to work with you.

Your brilliance is what your soulmate clients have been waiting to see. And your business, brand, life, starts to flow with so much more ease!

Week 3: Open Your Channel & Speak Your Truth

The mind is a powerful tool. But relying too much on the mind, logic, what “makes sense”, etc. actually blocks you from stepping into your full potential.

The job of your mind is to keep you safe, where you are at now (your comfort zone).

Instead you’ll learn how to open up other channels inside of you so that you’re able to receive the right inspirations and the intuitive guidance.

Because your soul has all the answers. You just have to listen.

Following the inspirations and intuitive guidance IS what brings about miracles, the right idea and next steps in your business.

Time and time again, following my intuition has lead me to greater opportunities in my life. And I’ll show you how to tap into your intuition and truth.

This is where the magic happens, inside your intuition.

Week 4: Transform & Become Your New Identity

If you want to quantum leap your results, creating and becoming your new identity is the key.

Who you are today is based off of who you’ve been in the past. Your past habits, beliefs, patterns have become your default way of living your life.

But to have new results, you can’t do the same thing you’ve always done and you can’t be the same person you’ve always been.

Most people have this backwards. They believe they need the results in order to become the new version of them.

What if there was a different way to shift into that frequency quicker and as a result, achieve the goal faster by shifting your vibrational frequency?

You’ll learn how to shift into the new version of you and bring your more results into your life.

This is where quantum results happen, stepping into your new identity.

Activate, Energize, & Magnetize Your Soulmate Clients By Being The New You 

(Weeks 5-8)

Your soulmate clients are all around you. But sometimes it’s hard to believe this is true because you don’t see them.

Just because you don’t see them yet, doesn’t mean they aren’t their waiting for you to step up and speak your truth and embody your brand.

Once you start to show up and step up as your brand, you become a magnet.

Your ENERGY, your PRESENCE, your ESSENCE attracts your soulmate clients to you and makes them fall in love with you.

They feel this palpable connection to who you are and what you do.

They want to learn more and buy from you.

From this space, you don’t need to convince people to buy from you, they just do because they trust you and feel a connection with you.

Week 5: Activate Your Soul Offer For Your Soulmate Tribe

All offers and services are not created equal.

A big mistake I see is creating an offer because you “think you have to” or “think it’s what people want.”

But more often than not, this leads you to be unhappy and unfulfilled with your service AND attracts in the wrong clients to your business.

Instead, learn how to create an offer that lights your soul on fire – one you are so passionate about that you just can’t help share AND start magnetizing clients you actually want to work with.

Your business is more than just about making money.

It’s an expression of your soul and what you love.

This is where you get to live a life on purpose, when you LOVE what you do!

Week 7: Sell With Love & Total Ease

Sales isn’t sleezy…

…if you know how to do it properly and shift your energetic frequency around sales.

Everything is energy and YOUR energy around sales will determine if people will buy or not.

Forget the scripts.

You’ll learn how to shift your perspective on sales that actually make you feel excited about the process and serves your clients in a beautiful way.

This is where you sell with love AND change lives.

Week 6: Create Potent & Powerful Content From Your Soul

Creating content is not just another marketing tactic or tool in your business.

Instead, it’s an expression of your soul.

When you come from this space, what you say and how you say it becomes more potent and powerful.

And your soulmate tribe starts to take notice and listen.

Knowing how to write content in this way allows you to deeply connect to the souls of your soulmate tribe and creates a stronger bond and increases trust.

This trust is the foundation of the relationship between and your soulmate tribe.

This is where connection and loyalty from your soulmate tribe starts.

Week 8: Powerfully Embody Your Brand

Your brand is an extension of you and who you are.

Understanding who you are,  your essence, your personality is the key to creating a brand your soulmate clients are interested in buying from.

This goes beyond the visuals, but into the heart and soul of your brand.

Once you have this down, everything in your brand becomes clear and comes together naturally.

You’ll also receive a powerful activation on your 5D Brand Template.

This is where your brand thrives.

What’s Included 

8 Weekly Training Videos

Where you’ll go deep into the topic for the week.

The trainings include either a powerful activation, meditation, or sacred soul alignment at the end of the training.

8 Workbooks

Each workbook has prompts, practices to implement, and next steps to guide you on your journey during the week.

4 Additional BONUS Healings, Alignments, and Activations

>> Quantum Inner Child Healing (Week 1)

>> Future Visioning Of You (Week 2)

>> Expand Your Radiance Meditation (Week 4)

>> Energetic Spin Rewire Process For Sales (Week 7)

Special Bonus: Activate Your Truth & Become A Magnet For Clients Training

You’ll receive 5 special activation trainings I shared in my community and you’ll only be able to receive access to the trainings below.

>> Tap into the vibration of abundance

>> Shift your beliefs to shift your life

>> Rise up to become who you are meant to be

>> Magnetize clients with your message

>> Embody your truth & your brand

She’s clear on her message and connecting with the right customers.

Being part of Activate Brand Love was so much fun! I had initially joined because I felt stuck in my business and in the way I wanted to connect with my Soul Tribe.

During this 8-week container I was able to unlock limiting believes that had held me back from fully receiving. I also learned how to properly shed a light onto the offerings I bring to the world and how to build my brand.

I loved how I got clarity on not only the services I wish to offer but also on how to stand in my power and full embodiment of my gifts. Since I implemented Minling’s teachings I have been able to connect with the right customers, and my messaging had become much clearer. I cannot wait to see how this transformation and integration will continue to unfold in the future. Thank you your support and truly powerful insights Minling.

Stephanie E Charlotte Koehler, Founder of Art of Rituals


“Activate Brand Love Is A Gamechanger For Me.”


Katie was finally able to breakthrough in what’s been holding her back and keeping her procrastinating in her business.

She also been able to integrate the new practices into her life and business, which has allowed her to create her programs and services in full alignment with her soul!

She’s been able to pull in higher-quality clients and raise her prices.

Your brand is an expression of you, its how you package your message to the world. – Its UBER Important!

And it can also seem like an overwhelming, daunting task that only the selected creative geniuses are good at. Or at least that’s how I felt before taking Minling’s course; Active Brand Love.

Minling has given me a whole new perspective on how to look at branding and creating offers. I now have the tools and processes to start getting out of my Head and Way. And into a space that aligns me to best attract the clients and business that fuel my higher purpose.

This course is a journey into your soul, you must go inward; but I promise you the clarity that you will receive, will be so worth it.

And I have been able to pull in higher-quality clients and raise my prices while feeling in alignment through the process.

There is truly no greater gift than the gift of Clarity!

Maggie Finley

Ready To Start? 

If you are on this page and nodding yes to what you’ve been reading so far, I KNOW this program will be able to help shift you from where you are now and become the fullest expression of yourself and your brand.


Who is Activate Brand Love For?

It’s for you, a heart centered entrepreneur who is ready to activate the true essence of who you are and magnetize clients with ease. You know that you have something MORE to share with the world, but haven’t quite been able to show up the way you want to in your brand.


When Do We Start?

You’ll receive immediate access upon signing up. This is a self study course and you can complete the course at your own pace.


What’s the Investment?

1 payment of $1,111

Desire More Support? 

A Special VIP Offer For You

3OOne 1111If you are desiring more support and to accelerate your results, I have this special opportunity to work privately with me.

Working with me privately in my 1:1 mentorship is usually an investment of upwards of $15k+ depending on the level mentorship.

But because I know you are committed to your transformation, I am giving you an exclusive opportunity to work with me 1:1 for only $2,500.

This is for you if you are freaking tired not getting what you desire, ready to break free of the blocks and beliefs holding you back, and quantum leap to your next level.

By becoming a VIP, you’ll receive…

+ Access to Activate Brand Love (valued at $1,111)

+ 3 Private 30 minute sessions (valued at $1500)

+ 8 week UNLIMITED access to ask me questions on our private What’s App channel (valued at $2,000)

Special VIP Price

1 payment of $2,500

($250 savings off of the regular price of $2,750)

Here’s What Past Students Have Said… 

She found her message and did her first livestream on Facebook!

I joined Activate Brand Love because I was not feeling aligned with how to get myself out in the world. I was terrified of being seen and some of it was I felt scattered around my message. So, when this came up, I was like YES, this is going to help me with those issues.

My biggest breakthrough was when I realized I was really thinking way too much and that was the reason were not flowing. In the 3rd week I finally understood how to tap into my inner knowing and work from that space.

As a result, my visions for my business came thru and it was completely different than what my brain was originally producing.

After learning how to see who I would be in my visions vision of me I have been able to get in the world and in social media and be excited about doing that. Now it’s fun versus terrifying.

Thank you Minling!

Ani Carpenter

She tapped into her own power to channel and discovered her new identity.


I SO enjoyed ABL and it was EXACTLY what I needed!! I really appreciated how Minling shared so much information in a detailed way and with such an open heart and gave so many personal examples of how SHE’S found her way forward. This was huge for me, personally.

My biggest breakthrough was that I learned how to channel, I learned how to shift my beliefs (and a variety of WAYS to do it) and now I know WHO the next version of myself is, because of this course! And I have exciting next steps to discover as well! Somethings I thought were impossible, now I see truly ARE possible. THANK YOU, Minling!

Mariell Waltner

She’s put together a new offer and immediately got interest.

Activate Brand Love resonated with me on many levels. Focusing on loving yourself, understanding your beliefs and patterns and letting go of what does not serve was a foundational piece to begin with.

Minling creates a trusting and safe environment to do this work. She starts the trainings with a mediation and there is a natural flow in her presentations and workbooks.

I felt supported with the online support from Minling, the other participants and my accountability partner.

I often felt Minling knew exactly how I was going to react whether it was expansion or contraction and had the appropriate tools to helped guide all of us through it. And I appreciated the extras and loved the guided mediations.

Having Soul Clients is a new idea for me and makes complete sense. I also appreciated the work on money and how to go from our beliefs now, which can be limiting, to a more expansive energetic belief system.

After one of the trainings, I created content to bring in my soul clients for a program I am developing, posted it online and I immediately got interest in the program.

I feel more confident reaching out online to my soul clients, creating content that resonates from the heart and I am ready to make a big impact with my program Open Your Heart and Lead From Within.

Andrea Reibmayer

He removed the patterns holding him back and found his message.


I wanted to really gain clarity on my message so I joined Activate Brand Love to help me with this.

The exercises each week along with the meditations and activations helped me uncover and release the blockages and old patterns that I didn’t know was there. These blockages were what held me back from gaining clarity on my message.

This program had me go more deep into the inner work, far more than I expected it would and the I am so grateful it did.

As a result, I have started to make my decisions, for life and business, from the heart and soul rather than my mind. This was very difficult, as a guy, to let go of.

But now my decisions are aligned and take less time to make. And I’ve seen the shifts within myself. I have now fully embodied the ultimate version of myself. I can now see and remove old patterns and tap into my inner knowing instantaneously and with ease. Thank you!!!

Korey Carpenter

Let’s Do This! 

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