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Evolve Your Brand Into A Legendary One
Because the world is waiting for your brilliance!

HI ..

I’m Minling.

Brand Soul Activator & Mentor for Impact Driven Entrepreneurs

My mission is to energize pure potential within each person we touch, one brand at a time.

And because of this…

I powerfully stand for your brilliance to be seen by the world.
I powerfully stand for you to activate your true potential.
I powerfully stand for who you are becoming as a person and brand.
I powerfully stand for you to live your best life, impact more people, and receive more abundance in all areas of your life.

It’s not just about creating a brand.
It’s about starting a revolutionary brand that becomes legendary.

And it all starts with YOU.
Who you are being.
Who you are declaring yourself to be.
Who you are becoming.

This is branding from the soul.

And once we begin, your brilliance will shine so bright, it magnetize the exact right people who can’t wait to work with you.

Are you ready to unlock your brilliance?

Brand Revolution Method TM

We believe branding goes deeper than what you see.
And it’s not just creating the logo, graphics, or website.

To be a powerful, revolutionary, legendary brand,
Brand Mastery is a must!

There are 3 levels of Brand Revolution Method TM

SELF Identify

This is about creating a new identity of who you are, how you show up, your future vision of yourself and your brand.


BRAND Identify

This is about supporting your new self identity with a brand that is 100% in alignment. Including messaging and images


SOUL Identify

This is about stepping into your new self and brand identity in the way you show up and express yourself so you embody your brand.


Minling is a BrandGenius

“When I was ready to up level my brand, she helped me get clarity on how to make the transition in a way that felt in alignment with the direction I was going in.

She not only helped me shift the language in my brand, but also developed an amazing tagline for my business that I am using as a staple in my marketing and positioning.”

Jenn Scalia , 7 Figure Mindset & Marketing Coach

I wish I found her sooner!

“Minling helped me get such intense clarity on my branding — I only wish I’d found her sooner!

When I reached out to Minling, I was already doing very well in my business but not connecting as deeply to the hearts of my customers as I wanted to. I knew I had an incredibly powerful story to share but was having trouble verbalizing it despite speaking with several friends and mentors.

After just 2 hours together, I FINALLY had the language I’d been searching for, and after sharing it w/ even just a handful of people, I knew that I had found my magic — repeatedly, I heard “this spoke to my soul,” “I just got goosebumps…,” etc.

I know that even though I can’t directly relate the session to xx% increase in revenue, that the intangible return on investment was more than 1000%.”

Luisa Zhou , 7 Figure Business Coach


Luisa just had an $800k Launch!

The world is waiting for Your Brilliance!

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How It All Began...


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