The Craziest Thing I’ve Done…


Last week I flew to Jamaica to go to attend my very first A-Fest.

One of the speakers, Wim Hof (aka the Ice Man), shared how he was able to…

…climb to 22,000 ft on Mt. Everest with only shorts and shoes

…stay in freezing cold ice for almost 2 hours (a world record)

…and climb to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2 days with only shorts and shoes (most people take 6-7 days with full gear).

There were two things necessary to complete these records.

  1. Mental toughness
  2. Breath

It was 9:30am and I found myself standing next to the jacuzzi filled to the brim with ice and I was facing my own fear — being submerged in ice for 1 minute. Could I do this? Could I last the whole time?

Stepping into the ice for the first time was a shock to my entire body. I could feel my body become more and more tense. I wanted to jump out. How in the world could I last a minute?

Then I remembered the two things Wim Hof said to us.

Fuck Fear
Focus on the breath

It was his philosophy to stare fear down and just do things despite fear. Fear was always going to be there, but do it anyways. How else was he able to break so many world records?

And to take your mind off of fear, just focus intently on breathing in and out.

That’s exactly what I did. With Wim Hof yelling at us, encouraging us from the sidelines of ice filled jacuzzi, I focused on my breath. Inhale, Exhale.

And before I knew it, we were done.

You might be wondering, how this relates to business and branding.

Being successful in business is not just about the tactical steps, but it’s also about the mental stamina and how to move past your mind in order to fulfill your dream.

It’s also about having the right support system around you to help you move past your fears and into action.

I couldn’t have stayed submerged in ice for 1 minutes without Wim Hof’s techniques and his constant support.

Next week, I’ll be sharing with you how you can learn the techniques to build a brand people LOVE and get my support for $1 for 1 whole month. Yes, $1 for 1 whole month.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this special offer.

In the meantime, go out and be fearless in your business. Take an action that you would have scared you.





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