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Amplify Your Brand


You have a deep desire to build your business.

And create a brand that transforms people’s lives.

But the problem is no one knows about you yet.


That was me a few years ago when I first started my business.

Hi, I’m Minling!


For my first few years in my business I felt lost and confused on what to do and how to get my first paying clients.

I took program after program and course after course searching for the answer.

Things finally clicked for me when I had the CLARITY on what my true brilliance was and figured out how to create HIGH CONVERTING CONTENT for my soul tribe.

Following this method, I was able to land my first clients and even generated $14K in sales a few months later.

And I haven’t looked back since.

Since then, I have helped my clients land their first clients and generate more sales in their business than ever before by building a brand that people fall in love with.

I have also created two other companies, Hello Fame Agency and Fame For Good, generating close to $100K worth of sales in a few short months of launching.

The biggest problems I see entrepreneurs make is…

Not having clarity around their brilliance and how their brilliance transforms their clients lives.

Before I figured out what I was really good at, I spent time “dabbling” in my business by blogging, creating videos, and posting inspirational posts on social media.

Even though I had years of experience doing branding for large brands such as Lean Cuisine, Nestle Toll House, and Toyota, and launched a $54 million product that won Product of the Year for Lean Cuisine, I ran away from my brilliance, which was branding.

I thought branding was super easy to do because it came so naturally to me.

And to be honest, I was burnt out from doing corporate branding that I really wanted to just wanted to teach yoga and post inspirational posts.

So I started an inspirational blog for a few years before realizing that branding was my true gift.

Many people think that branding is the website, logos, and graphics.

But this isn’t truly what branding is.

Branding starts with strategy.

To create a brand that people fall in love with and want to buy from, you must understand your brilliance, craft your unique differentiating message, and position your expertise in the market so that your soul clients fall in love with you and want to buy from you over and over again.

This is what new entrepreneurs miss all the time.

Jumping too quickly into creating a website and logo getting crystal clear in their brand message and positioning.

And then they wonder why they aren’t making any sales or generating a list of loyal followers.

Sound familiar?

If you are…

Feeling a little lost with your brand…

Not sure where to start to grow your following and your list…

Here to change lives, but not sure how to turn your soul tribe into buyers…

Not making the money you desire…

You are in the right place!

Amplify Your Brand Bundle

Was designed to help you amplify your reach and impact so you make more money and grow a list full of your soul tribe who LOVE your brand!

The Amplify Your Brand Bundle combines the practical business and branding strategies I’ve used since the beginning of my business to grow my businesses to over 6 figures with the mindset and manifestation work that I’ve been studying for almost 10 years.

Why included mindset and manifestation?

After spending the last few years working closely with my clients 1:1 and in my group programs, I have seen first hand how critical mindset and manifestation is to building a successful brand. It takes more than just having the right strategy.

Because if you don’t subconsciously believe you’ll succeed with your business, then that’s what will manifest in your life – an unsuccessful business. And we don’t want that to happen to you!

Every person has deep patterns and beliefs being carried around unconsciously and the mindset and manifestation activations will help you clear some of your blocks and beliefs arond being able to receive more clients and more abundance in your life.

Amplify Your Brand Bundle Includes…

3 Courses and 5 Trainings I’ve created over the years. You’ll receive access to 20 training videos including 2 brand new training videos, never released before and 15 worksheets to guide you through each step I took in the beginning stages of my business to grow my list and book new clients with ease.

These courses and trainings were created live for my online audience and you can only access them here.

The beauty about these courses and trainings is that they are very simple to follow and you can implement them right away!

Mindset & Manifestation

Leveraging The Power Of Your Mind Training

You are more powerful than you may think!

Success is not determined just by how hard you work or the strategies you follow, but what you think and believe.

Our beliefs dictate how we view ourselves and what we allow ourselves to receive in terms of clients and money.

I have seen people who have everything they need to succeed (the expertise, the strategy, the drive), but they lacked belief. And with the lack of belief came self doubt and self sabotage. They weren’t able to capitalize on the opportunities.

I don’t want this to happen to you.

That’s why I’m including this brand new training for you around Leveraging The Power Of Your Mind to help you remove the self doubt, the fears, the feelings of unworthiness so you can step up, claim your brilliance, and powerfully be seen by your soul mate tribe.

I’ve been studying personal development, energy work, mindset work for over 10 years and have incorporated much of what I’ve learned and implemented in my own life into this training.

{$197 Value}

1Crystal Clarity

Niche That Loves You Training

The riches in your niche!

Understanding your niche is critical for your success. By getting into the hearts and minds of your soul mate clients, you’ll know exactly what they need and what they will want to buy.

But most entrepreneurs hate niching down, believing that everyone needs their products and services.

The problem with this philosophy is that if you try to talk to everyone, you are actually not speaking to anyone.

People buy when they see themselves in your message – when they know in their hearts and minds they need you.

And the only way to speak to the hearts and minds of your soul mate clients is by going deep into their psychographics.

This training walks you through what you actually need to know about your soul mate clients to turn them into raving fans and buyers.

I’ve incorporated my 10+ years of experience in branding working with multibillion dollar companies and brands into the Niche That Loves You Training so you receive first hand knowledge on how to niche the right way.

The training was part of another program for my soul tribe and I have included it in this bundle just for you.

{$197 Value}
Show Off Your Value Training

You only have value IF other people see your value.

It’s great you have a service that helps transform lives, but if people don’t understand what you do and how it helps them, they won’t buy.

In this training, I walk you through the 3 things you must address in order for your soul mate clients to see your value. And you’ll also learn how to disrupt the market and position you as the ONLY solution for your soul mate clients.

The training was part of another program for my soul tribe and I have included it in this bundle just for you.

{$197 Value}

11High Converting Content

Flash List Course

Grow Your List In A Flash!

The money is in your list. Only if you have a list and a list full of your soul tribe (aka your ideal clients).

Flash list is designed to help you grow your list in a flash by implementing some simple strategies to create the right opt ins your soul tribe wants and signs up for.

I also show you exactly how I built my list in the beginning of my journey (from 0-800). This training was part of my 5 day challenge for my soul tribe and each day’s training is below.

This was the first challenge I ran where I offered a service afterwards. And after this challenge was done, I banked $7K in sales immediately (and made another $7K shortly after). My sales were all from people who were a part of this challenge.

You’ll receive the following 5 videos and 5 worksheets from this training.


DAY 1: How to position your brand for success

DAY 2: The secret behind finding your niche and knowing exactly what they want

DAY 3: How to create your killer opt in that everyone wants

DAY 4: The steps to build landing pages that convert (BIG TIME)! (I’m spilling the secrets how I craft landing pages that convert 50-60% of the time — hint, industry standards are only 20%)

DAY 5: Magnetic marketing that attracts high quality leads to your opt in (including the one FB post that got me 230 opt ins in a week with no FB ads).

{$197 Value}


Red Hot Freebies Course

Create no brainer freebies to attract fans who are ready to buy from you now!

Building a list requires you to have one hot freebie to offer your soul tribe.

But how do you figure out what to give and how to create it?

Red Hot Freebies walks you through the ins and outs of creating a freebie your soul tribe actual wants and can’t wait to sign up for.

My freebies constantly generate hundreds of new leads coming in.

This training was part of my 5 day challenge for my soul tribe and each day’s training is below.

You’ll receive the following 5 videos and 5 worksheets from this training.


DAY 1: The EXACT process I use to develop a red hot freebie everyone wants including an inside look to most popular freebie, which has been downloaded over 1,300 times.

DAY 2: The step-by-step blueprint I use to determine the perfect content to include in my freebie so that I give high value, but still leave my ideal clients wanting more.

DAY 3: The two foolproof ways I turn my new leads from my freebies into new buyers instantly.

DAY 4: The low costs tools I use to make my freebies feel high cost, high value, and 100% on brand.

DAY 5: My marketing hacks to promote my freebies and grow my list with ease and without spending a lot on Facebook advertising.

{$197 Value}


Landing Pages That Converts Training

Learn the EXACT method I use to create landing pages that convert above industry average (50-60%) in less than 1 hour (and without needing to hire a graphic designer).

You’ll get a sneak peak of how I structure each landing page have the highest chance for converting cold traffic into new leads on my list.

I’ll also be going over the tools I use to create my own graphics that is on brand without needing to know anything about photoshop.

{$197 Value}


Rock Out Your Challenge Training

Learn the what a group challenge is and the basics about how to create a successful group challenge that turns your audiences into buyers.

Hosting a group challenge is one of the best ways to build trust quickly with your audience. It helps showcase who you are and how you can help your client. Challenges instantly positions you as an expert in the industry.

Rock Out Your Challenge is a 30 minute training that I created for my soul tribe.

{$197 Value}


Money Maker ChallengeS Course

Turn your challenges into profits!

Now that you know group challenges are an easy way to build trust and position you as an expert, how do you turn group challenges into sales?

Money Maker Challenges shows you the exact steps I took to leverage challenges in my business and quickly turn my leads into sales.

Running group challenges in the beginning of my business was a great way to generate instant cash. In fact, after completing my group challenges, I have made anywhere from $14k – $18k in sales after my group challenges.

This training was part of my 5 day challenge for my soul tribe and each day’s training is below. You’ll receive 5 videos and 5 worksheets from this training.


DAY 1: Getting crystal clear on your challenge goals. Clarity is key!

DAY 2: Identifying the right challenge to create (one your clients actually want).

DAY 3: 3 secrets to keep your challengers engaged and wanting more.

DAY 4: How to structure your invitations so your ideal clients to take action right away.

DAY 5: Rocking email sequence to build relationships and help you close the deal.

{$197 Value}


Challenges have also helped my clients generate income. Laura launched her first challenge and booked 7 sales at $8k each right after. That’s an extra $56k in revenue!


How I Booked 8 Clients In 1 Month Training

Not sure how to get your first paying clients?

This training I walk you through the exact steps I took at the beginning of my business to book 8 new clients in 1 month without paid advertising.

I was able to leverage my 3 step branding formula to attract, nurture, and convert new leads into sales. It’s a simple, but highly effective strategy that I’ve used throughout my business.

I’ve also included a bonus worksheet walking you through the 3 step branding formula.

The training was part of a special training I created for my online audience.

{$97 Value}



I interviewed 21 six and seven figure entrepreneurs on the strategies they used to rapidly grow their businesses.

This includes interviews with:

Jenn Scalia: Harness Your Millionaire Mindset

Kylie Slavik: The Power Of Story To Inspire & Sell

Jessica Riverson: Evergreen Webinars: The 3 Step Formula To Go From 6 Figures To Multiple 6 Figures in 6 Months

Amber Aziza: Speak To Grow Your Brand

Emily Hirsh: Facebook Ad Strategies To Magnetize More Fans & Clients

Ingrid Arna: How To Sell With Soul And Ramp Up Your Revenue

And much more…

There’s so much gold and wisdom in each interview and you get lifetime access to these trainings. But this bonus is only available for a limited time.

{$197 Value}

If You Desire To…

Learn how to consistently attract your soul mate clients to you (instead of chasing them).

Simplify the process of creating raving fans who LOVE you and turn them into buyers who can’t wait to purchase your product and services.

Tap into your power and brilliance and start manifesting what you desire.

Clear your limiting beliefs once and for all and radically shift your mindset.

Become more confident in your message, your value, your offer and position yourself as the ONLY solution for your soul mate clients.

You Don’t want To miss this special bundle!

In Amplify Your Brand Bundle, you receive 3 courses, 5 trainings, 1 bonus training including 20 video trainings and15 worksheets to amplify your reach and impact so you make more money and grow a list full of your soul tribe who LOVE your brand!

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