The Beauty of Branding

The beauty of branding is you can impact a lot of people in a positive way with your brand.

One of those brands is Dove.

Imagine you are going about your day and you stop at and see two signs on top of two different doors. One says Beautiful and the other says Average.

Which one do you choose to walk through?

As women, we have a lot of perception about what is beautiful and what is — well not. And it’s confronting to see two signs like this because we start to compare ourselves with other people.

If I had that chose, I admit it. I’d stop and think for a good bit.

Beautiful — “Who am I to say I am beautiful?”

Average — “I don’t want to be average.”

These are the thoughts that would go in my head and it would probably make me late for whatever I was going to because I’d go back and forth debating which door to go to.



The reason I bring up Dove and it’s Real Beauty Campaign is because Dove has sparked a conversation amongst women about what is really considered beautiful and to stand behind our own beauty.

This has struck a cord with many women. It stops and makes you think.

As a result, Dove is able to connect with their customers in a deeply emotional way that no other beauty brand has or can. Can you imagine Channel talking about Real Beauty when you see perfect models in their ad campaigns?

With the Real Beauty Campaign, Dove has instantly created more buzz around it’s brand.

So what does Dove have to do with you?

Find an emotional connection with your customers. The brands that succeed are the ones that connect with their customers on a deeply emotional level. The more you connect with your customers, the more they want to get to know you, start to trust you, and become loyal fans then customers.

Don’t be afraid to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. The brands that stand out are the ones not following the crowd. Ask yourself, how can I make this better? What can I do differently that no one else is doing right now?

Assignment: Find an emotional connection — Find one thing that deeply connects you with your customers. They want to connect with you human to human. And if you don’t know, ask. Market research is priceless because you are gaining a deeper understanding of your customers through this process.




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