Forget About Your WHY. It Doesn’t Matter. Instead, You Need This.


What’s Your WHY?

Undoubtedly, if you’ve been coached by any business coach, they will ask about your why.

Like some magic pill, your why is treated like BIG key to having a successful business.

While your why may be important to some degree, I really don’t care about it.

Because your “It” Factor is way more important for me.

How can this be?

Let me break this down.

Just about EVERYONE in business has a why.

It could be because…

You want to leave your 9-5…

Spend time with your kids…

Have freedom to travel to some exotic location…

Have financial freedom…

Whatever it is, chances are your why is the same as another person starting their business in the same industry as you.

That’s because just about everyone who has a business started because they were seeking some sort of freedom.

And this the problem.

If your why is the same as the next person, how can you stand out?

In order for you to have success in your business, you need to be DIFFERENT than the next person. And being different is how you get people to notice and buy from you and only you.

Think about it.

Why would someone buy from you if you offer the same thing as someone else?

Why would someone pay attention to your message if someone else is also saying the same message?

If you want your business to take off, it’s time to be different. It’s time to find your ‘It’ Factor.

Your ‘It’ Factor is that one thing that makes you unique.

Every successful brand knows theirs.

Disney’s is creating magic.

Virgin’s is it’s cheeky fun.

Drybar’s is their ‘bar’ theme.

Zappo’s is creating happy.

When you have that one thing, it’s easier to become known in your industry.

But this is where most people spend the least amount of time.

It doesn’t have to be this way though. Here are 3 easy steps you can take now to get you started in finding your ‘It’ Factor.

1. Write down a list of reasons around “WHY YOU”.

You want to list out all the reasons that make you and your business special. This is the starting point for your ‘It’ Factor.

2. Look at your competitors and find “WHY THEM”.

You can’t be different than your competitors if you don’t know know what makes them special. So you have to understand what they are doing and saying so you aren’t saying things in the same way.

3. Identify your unique ‘It’ Factor

Now that you know what makes your business special and what makes your competitors special, it’s time to identify the differences between you and your competitors. What is something that you are the best at doing and your competition doesn’t do or talk about? You want to find the gap between you and your competitors.

Remember, it’s important that you find your ‘It’ Factor. If you don’t, then it’ll be much harder to get people to buy from you because you’ll look and sound like everyone else in the market. And that’s no fun.

But it doesn’t have to be this way forever. Following these 3 steps are a great start. Now, if you want to go deeper, I have a  FREE masterclass called “Brand Like A Boss” where you will learn how to find your it factor, leverage it, and become an influencer with people lining up to buy from you and only you.

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