Taylor Swift Did What?

Oh Taylor.

This girl knows how to work it — by it I mean her brand.

And I have a major brand crush that’s borderline obsessed with the way she has become the recent reigning queen of the pop princesses charts.

I mean, how many singers can completely change genres without stirring up a riot with fans who don’t like change + gain more double f’s (fans + fame) in the process?

Why the one and only Taylor Swift. That’s who.

How’d she do that?

One word.


And I’m not talking about with the poor saps she dates, then dumps her, and are the inspiration for her latest hit song.

No! It’s the other million and one of relationship she has — with her fans.

This girl knows how to relate. She’s real. She’s goofy. She’s herself. Oh, did I mention, she’s also a stalker?

Before you call the cops on this girl for spying, she actually uses her sleuthing skills for good.

And her form of stalking even has its own name “taylurking”. It’s pure genius.

If you’ve been “taylurked”, then consider yourself one of the lucky ones. She’s been know to send you surprise gifts, meet you at your house, and even invite you back stage to the Grammy’s.

In the process, she has gained adoring fans who will gobble up anything she touches. Heck, you might even see her half eaten sandwich sell for millions of dollars.

So what does Taylor Swift have to do with you and me?

Well, you also may want to consider “taylurking” with your fans (or soon to be fans too).

Show love.

The more you love and give, the more fans will be on your side.

Let’s face it, the last thing anyone wants is someone to scream “Look at me. You should buy my (fill in the blank) because it’s the bestest in the world. And once you do I’ll ignore you and find someone else to sell to.”

No. People what to form relationships — even on the internet. And that means you show some love.

Here are four sure fire ways to build relationships with your very own fans.

1. Consistently Be Engaging — Talk to your fans on a regular basis. No drive by marketing allowed where you only talk to your fans when you want something from them. Please, that’s so not in style.

2. Be Personal — This is a relationship, meaning you need to talk one on one with your fan. When you write, think of your fans as one person. Use their name (in emails) or “you” vs. “them” or “we” vs. “they”. Make the person feel like she’s special.

3. Share Stories — Stories build relationships. Taylor is masterful at telling stories through her music and photos. People what to know you as a person. They want to know you so share your ups and downs, happy moments and times you overcame challenges.

4. Make People Feel Special — Who doesn’t want to feel special. If you notice a fan commenting a lot, comment back. If you see a fan who could use help, reach out. Maybe even do fun surprises where you give out a gift.

Here’s the deal.

Everyone wants to be noticed and feel special. Taylor magically does this and so can you. The more people get to know you and like you, the more they want to work with you (even if it’s not right away).

Assignment: Be Like Taylor — Make your fans’ day. Think of something special you can do for your fans today. It could be one fan or lots of fans. Doesn’t matter.






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