And you’re damn good at what you do.

In fact, you’ve mastered your craft and get your clients transformational results.

But why doesn’t your brilliant work always turn into profits in your business?

I know…

…It can be very frustrating when you know you are here to serve in a bigger way, but your bank account doesn’t always reflect the transformational work that you provide for your clients.

You put in the work, the energy, and the effort, but the clients aren’t coming to you the way you thought they would.


Chances are you may be great at what you do, but you haven’t mastered the art of turning your presence into your superpower to attract the precise clients to you so that you create the prosperity you desire.

There are four big pieces you must master in order to receive money doing what you LOVE.

You must…

Own your brilliance
Own your value & worth
Own your message & magnetism
Own your abundance

By integrating these 4 areas, you’ll be able to book clients with ease…
Just Like My Clients...
 Christy went from not having a business to selling her first $20k offer with ease and zero objections
 Luisa went from charging $150/hr and making $6k in all of 2020 to selling $2-3k packages and earning $12k in 10 weeks
 Michelle went from being out of alignment with her business and not earning money to making $12k from signing 2 clients
 Chessa sold her first pay in full client for $7k
 Tatiana went from not having a business to launching her speaking business easily selling her speaking engagements for $4-10k per speech
 Charlie went from giving away her brilliance to landing her first pay in full client for $3k
The list goes on…
My clients have seen tremendous growth in their business when they implemented these 4 pieces to their business.
And I'm here to help you do the same.

Presence, Power, Prosperity is a 4 week program designed to help you book out your business with premium offers that your soul aligned clients can’t wait to buy.


We dive right into creating your premium offer that positions your brilliance in a way that is irresistible to your soul aligned clients.

I’ll walk you through how to identify and leverage your brilliance and package it up in a way that creates sustainable prosperity.


This week we work on pricing your premium offer and how to share your value so your offer is a no brainer to your soul aligned clients.

We’ll also be working on your mindset about charging premium prices and the best strategies to gradually increase your prices as you build your confidence around your premium offer.

Learning this will end having to charge per hour for what you do or undercharging your worth.


Once you have your offer and price, it’s time to spread your message in a way that magnetizes your clients to you.

You’ll learn how to channel your content so that it’s aligned with the precise soul aligned clients you desire to attract AND how to increase your magnetic energy in the quantum field so they come to you.

And I’ll share simple strategies where you can start selling your premium offer.


This week’s focus is all about opening you up to receiving more abundance.

We’ll be working through the most common limiting beliefs and reprogramming those beliefs so you fully believe you are worthy to receive the money you desire.
AND, each week, you’ll receive a guided channeled energetic activation to support you with each area.


This round of Presence, Power, Prosperity was hosted live starting May 25, 2022. All the trainings are complete and you'll have access to the recordings on a private site.

4 Trainings Replays
2 Group Q&A Call Replays
4 Coded Activations (inside the trainings)

The investment for Presence, Power, Prosperity is...


(or 8 weekly payments of $111)

You'll receive LIFETIME access to the recordings.

NOTE:  This group program has 2 group Q&A calls during the LIVE round. Future rounds there will not be Live Q&As

This program blends STRATEGY & ENERGY and is perfect for you if...

 You know you have a divine purpose and mission in the world and are ready to activate your soul’s mission in a big way + live a life of true meaning and abundance.

 You are a coach, leader, healer, energy worker, consultant, speaker who has or is ready to create a premium priced offer + desires to make an even greater impact by attracting more soul aligned clients.

 You feel you haven't reached your potential and there's more for you but for some reason your haven't been able to consistently call in the right soul aligned clients to you.

 Your soul longing to  be expressed in a bigger & more authentic way.


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