LUV is in the air — with Southwest

Imagine getting off the plane and seeing a huge crowd clapping and cheering.  Is it for some celebrity or maybe a sports team that won a game?


You suddenly realize, it is for you.

That’s exactly what happened to Kelley Mulsinger when she flew from Baltimore to Texas to see her fiancé, Andy McIlvaine.

Southwest threw her a wedding shower right in the terminal. Yep in the terminal with champagne, roses, and a personal letter from Southwest CEO, Gary Kelly.

Southwest photo

When do you hear of an airline throwing people a shower?

Almost never.

And this is why it’s news and earning at least two loyal fans for life.

In an age where companies are cutting costs and cutting amenities, especially airline companies, Southwest did the opposite. They went out of their way to show this couple some LUV.

This is branding at it’s best.

They didn’t need some expensive marketing campaign to tell people why they should fly with them.

They showed people just how special they try to make you feel by going out of their way. This is not the first time nor will it be their last time.

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So what does Southwest have to do with you?

Do the unexpected. This is how you cut through the sea of sameness. Following the crowd is so overrated. Do your thing and go a different way.

Think about your clients as people not as the bottom line. This goes back to building the relationship. It’s not about the money, but the lives you help change with your business. The more people you help with your business, the more money you will receive in the long run.

Loyalty always wins. Related to the point above, look for ways to build loyalty. Loyalty builds trust and trustful people buy your stuff — not just once but many times.

Assignment: Do the unexpected — Do something unexpected in with your customers. What would make them happy? Even a shoutout or phone call can work. Did you launch a course? Maybe even a simple card. Whatever you do, be unexpected and genuine and watch how much your customers will enjoy it.




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