Private 1:1 Coaching For Conscious Leaders Who Are Ready To Step Into Their Full Potential & Receive It All!



You can’t quite put your finger on exactly what it is.

But you feel this next level expansion brimming inside.

Deep within your heart.


Emerging in your energetic field.

And you KNOW something bigger is ready to come your way.

You can feel your mission and purpose waiting to be expressed.

Your soul is ready.

Yet, there’s a part of you that is holding yourself back.

From fully stepping in to claiming your mission and ALL of your desires.

The Time Is Now To Claim It All!

Everything You Desire Is Yours In The Quantum!
All You Need To Do Is Say YES To Receive It!

The Time Is Now To Claim It All!

Everything You Desire Is Yours In The Quantum!

All You Need To Do Is Say YES To Receive It!

You’ve been successful in so many areas of your life, especially your business or career.
But it feels like you are at a plateau - a crossroad of sorts.

Between your current reality and what you true desire.

While it may seem scary, you know deeply down you're ready to make the shift.

And get out of your own way TO RECEIVE EVERYTHING YOU DESIRE.
And BECOME The One Who Is...
 UNSTOPPABLE with UNSHAKABLE CONFIDENCE in yourself, your purpose, and what you are here to do.
 FULLY LIT UP and excited about your DIVINE MISSION.
 Deeply serving your community with your BRILLIANT GIFTS, knowing you are transforming lives with your work.
 Unafraid of EXPRESSING ALL OF YOU - allowing all versions of you to be FULLY SEEN and embodying your TRUE ESSENCE.
 No longer needing to force things to happen or hustle, but becoming the one who co-creates with the divine and as a result MAGNETIZES GREATER LEVELS OF ABUNDANCE into your life with EFFORTLESS EASE.

DIVINITY is more than coaching.
It's a whole energetic recalibration of YOU.
To recode & realign you to your true ESSENCE & SELF.

Inside of Divinity, we'll work together inside the quantum to...

 Collapse Timelines And Anchor You To Your Highest Potential

 Open New Timelines Of Success And Align Your Energy To Receive

 Uncover The Root Cause Blocking You From Your Success

 Heal & Release Past Traumas Stuck In Your Field

 Recode Your Old Programming & Stories

 Shed Your Limiting Beliefs

When you remove the blocks holding you back, you become LIMITLESS.

And from this space, you are able to manifest anything you desire with ease!



Director of Regional Marketing for Airbnb + Breakthrough Coach & Speaker

"There was a before Minling & after Minling"

How Tatiana 4x her corporate income, launched her paid corporate speaking career, sold out her group programs, and landed her first premium coaching client all in less than 2 years.


Tatiana was a successful corporate marketing director at a well known Fortune 100 company making a healthy 6 figure income.

She was on an upward trajectory at the company.

But she was feeling like something was missing in her life.

She felt a deep desire to make an even greater impact, but didn’t know how or what that looked like.

All she knew was that she was drawn to go deeper into her mindfulness practice and was growing tired of hustling all the time to climb the corporate ladder.


 Clearing her past beliefs + ancestral programming scarcity to call in more abundance into her life
 Shifting her energetic field from the 3D programming of control to allow for more playful flow to enter her field
 Activating her voice to speak her truth and align with her true essence and being (no longer having try to fit in or be someone she wasn't in order to succeed)
 Releasing the need and programing around hustling to reach her desired income goals
 Strengthening her inner knowing and her trust around the guidance from her higher self
 Finding her passion and mission - one that allows her to transform other corporate women's lives


 4x her corporate income (to high multiple 6 figures) when she landed her dream job at Airbnb with ease. They even created a new position for her. And a few short months after starting, she was promoted further increasing her impact and income.
 Launched her paid corporate speaking career with clients paying $5-10k per speech, booking multiple speeches per year, creating an extra $40k+ in income in her first year of speaking.
 Sold out her group programs multiple times that created transformational results for her clients.
 Landed her first premium coaching client with total ease (the client came to her ready to work with her).
But more than all the monetary results, her life has been full of more joy, presence, playfulness, flow.

She’s able to not only make an impact on other corporate women's lives, but she shifted her relationship with her family - being able to spend more quality time with her husband and daughter enjoying the little moments with them.

Tatiana feels so much more fulfilled and in love with life.

The Quantum Field is the field of potential.
You can access all possible versions of you.

By accessing the quantum field, you can heal past traumas and recalibrate you to your highest timeline.

It's where you can access all of your own magic and brilliance.

By re-establish your connection with source consciousness, you become the creator of your reality.

As light being, you were already BORN with this connection.

But society and all the stuff you learned have got in the way of you from accessing your creator self.

Part of our work together is to unlearn the programs you have been taught.

And get to the root issue or cause so that it can be released from your field.

When we deprogram your field and clear the root issues, you'll begin to remember who you truly are - a DIVINE BEING OF LIGHT, and become a magnet for all that you desire.

What You Receive Inside Of Divinity:

 18 Private 1:1 Sessions

Each month there are 3 private 45 minute 1:1 sessions with Minling. The sessions are attuned to what you energetically need to shift (a block or healing) or activate (encode or program). This is a co-creative process where we will uncover the root issue and Minling, with the guidance of her divine councils and soul family, will determine the energy healing that needs to take place.

These sessions are working in the quantum so they shift your field fast and are potent transmissions that can clear blocks you've had for years in a matter of minutes.

 Multidimensional Gridwork

In between sessions, Minling, along with her divine councils and soul family, will be working in your energetic grid in the quantum field to support you to anchor the new codexes into your field.

 What's App Coaching Access (M-F)

You'll have access to receive coaching from Minling via What's App in between sessions. This is where you can ask specific questions or receive additional support and healings.

 Channeled Play Practices

The channeled play practices are downloaded by Minling during the session. These practices are given to you to help you integrate, anchor, and embody the new frequencies into your energetic field. Although optional for you to do, it's highly recommended to complete the practices so you can integrate the codexes more rapidly.

Bonus One:

Abundance Calibration

You'll receive the 3 part series to recalibrate you to your highest timeline of abundance. You'll have these recordings for life and you can re-watch these anytime.
(Value: $111)

Bonus Two:

Captivate Clients Training

You'll receive the Captivate Clients Training where you'll learn to channel coded content and how to attract your clients in the quantum field. You'll also learn how to shift from the old model of marketing in the 3D to the new model of marketing in the 5D.
(Value: $222)
Hi, I'm Minling...
I am a Quantum Expansion & 5D Business Mentor.

And I'm honored to guide you through this transformative 6 month journey.

My mission is to support more conscious leaders to activate their divine mission, embody their true essence, and claim their divine birthright of abundance.

Because the NEW EARTH is ready to be birthed and we need more conscious leaders to rise up and step fully into their mission to make this happen.

After working on top brands such as Nestle Toll House and Lean Cuisine, where I launched a $54 million product that won product of the year, and supporting various entrepreneurs in building their brands, I felt called to go deeper into quantum energy healing.

I've been studying and been certified in various energy healing modalities over the last 12 years including Quantum Healing, Quantum Magic, Sacred Soul Alignments, Psych-K, Dreamporting, and Kundalini Yoga.

Through our work together, I'll help you align to your greater mission, recalibrate your energetic field to open up the highest and best possible timeline for you in the quantum field, clear the root causes blocking you from your success, and support you in anchoring your new timelines of abundance into your current reality.


Everything is ENERGY.

Divinity is based on a monetary energy exchange.

There are two options to choose from.

You can pay monthly or in full.

Choose what feels most in alignment to you.



*For the monthly payments, the payments will be automatically renewed every 30 days for 6 months.

Have questions? DM Minling on Instagram or Facebook


 You are a conscious leader (entrepreneur, coach, healer, consultant) who has MASTERY over a skill that you can leverage, and creates transformational results with your brilliant gifts.
 You believe the power of energy and mindset to shift your realities and are 100% ready to quantum leap to your next level.
 You are willing to do the inner work necessary for your transformation and will show up for yourself.
 You are ready to fully MASTER your energy and make an even bigger impact while you expand into your highest, most abundant version of yourself.
 You are an ACTION TAKER and ready to implement and integrate what you learn. Your results depend on you taking inspired action.


 You are just starting out a new career and don't have MASTERY over what it is that you are doing (e.g. never worked with a client).
 You believe that energy, quantum healing, mindset is just hocus pocus and you don't believe you can change your reality. 
 You are not willing to do the inner work necessary for transformation to happen.
 You are afraid of investing in yourself and when you do, you expect immediate results, are impatient, and have an energy of scarcity and neediness.
 You have no intention to fully implement or integrate any of the rituals or practices given each month.



Leadership, Legacy, and Liberation Mentor

How Catarina increased her revenues, launched her workshops, and sold her first $100k+ package by integrating the full spectrum of her gifts and brilliance!


Catarina had her successful Online Business Management (OBM) business with 6 and 7 figure clients.

But she was feeling like she wasn't expressing all of her gifts in her business.

On the side, she channeled light language, did sound healings, energy healing, and taught yoga.

However, she felt her business was disjointed with all her various passions.

She wanted to somehow incorporate ALL of her gifts into her offers and find a cohesive way to share her message in a way that would attract even more premium clients while expressing her soul.


 Restructuring her business and offers to integrate the full spectrum of her gifts and passions in a cohesive way that made sense to her soul aligned clients
 Upleveling the value of her packages where she was able to confidently increase her price to $8888 / month for her top tier service
 Energetically aligning her to highest timeline of abundance and releasing blocks holding her back
 Activating her true authentic expression and her essence in her messaging 
 Deepening the value she provides for her clients, the legacy she's helping them create, and confidently owning her value


 Sold her first $100k+ package for her highest level done for you service + mastermind, Golden Amethyst with complete ease and zero objections.
 Launched her monthly group workshop membership that allowed her to share her passion for healing and gave her space to freely channel her gifts.  And upon launching, she sold out her first 2 workshops.
 Feels 100% in alignment with her messaging and is able to share ALL of her gifts under one cohesive message.
Now Catarina feels like the business fully represents who she is and what she does. She's able to share the value of her gifts with total confidence.


Q: Who Is This For?

This is for conscious leader (entrepreneur, coach, healer, consultant) who has MASTERY over a skill that you can leverage, and creates transformational results with your brilliant gifts. You are also someone who is ready to activate your divine mission, help create the New Earth, and will do the inner work necessary to quantum leap to your next level of abundance and transformation.

Q: What Kind Of Energetic Activations / Healings Do You Do?

I've been trained and certified in a number of healing modalities including Quantum Healing, Quantum Magic, Sacred Soul Alignments, Psych-K, Dreamporting, and Kundalini Yoga. In addition, I channel the healings and activations based on intuitive guidance with the help of various Angels, and Galactic Councils of Light.

Q: What Are Channeled Play Practices?

The channeled play practices are downloaded by Minling during the session. These practices are given to you to help you integrate, anchor, and embody the new frequencies into your energetic field. Although optional for you to do, it's highly recommended to complete the practices so you can integrate the codexes more rapidly.

Q: Do I Need Prior Experience With Energy Healing?

No, you don't need any experience with Energy Healing prior to joining Divinity. You'll be fully supported and guided through the process. Come with an open mind and heart and be ready to receive the powerful codexes.

Q: Will I Receive Any Personalized Support?

Yes, you'll receive personalized support with our private 1:1 sessions and through the What's App Coaching (M-F).

Q: When Do I Receive Access To The Sessions & Bonuses?

Once you join, you'll receive an email sharing how you can book your first session with Minling. The sessions will be conducted 3x per month for 6 months and will be scheduled on a recurring basis. Each session will be recorded and sent to you within 24-48 hours. You'll also receive immediate access to the Abundance Calibration, 3 part series and Captivate Clients.

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