[Brand Case Study] Tomika – Out for a Walk

Today I’d like to share my client, Tomika’s, success story and walk you through how we got clear on her message.

Tomika owns Out For A Walk, a pet siting and dog walking service based in LA. She was struggling with figuring out her niche market and how to be different than all the dog walking services out there.

In one hour, we were able to hone in on her target market and figure out her unique selling point so that she can position herself as the best dog walking and pet sitting service in LA.

Here’s what we did.

We tapped into her story.

Understanding Tomika’s story about why she started her company allowed us to figure out what services and niche to focus on and it provided a theme to set her apart from everyone else.

Tomika started her company after she came home from a long day at work and saw her precious dog Toby. Toby was home alone all day and didn’t even have a chance to relieve himself while she was away.

It dawned on her that other people may need the same service so she decided to go into business herself. She always loved animals so it was the natural fit for her.


This is important for 3 reasons.

Identified her niche – She would be able to help other apartment dwellers who worked long hours and didn’t have a chance to go home to take care of their pets. Often they feel guilty for leaving their pets at home all day and she could tap into that pain point.

Provided a point of differentiation – Tomika mentioned that her competitors don’t necessarily hire animal lovers and tend to treat dog walking as a job. In her company, her staff loves animals and provides the utmost care. They even make it a point to send pictures to their clients of their happy pets. Her love of animals extends beyond just a walk and she’s able to provide extra perks for her clients.

Gave her a theme for her business – Because we identified the extra care she puts into each animal and essentially treats them as her own, she could provide other little touches that make the owner feel secure their pet is taken care of and also little treats (e.g. celebrating the dog’s birthday). To Out For A Walk, pets are not another number, they become part of a family. And that it was important to showcase her relationship with Toby.

As a result, Tomika created a new video sharing her story. In the 2 weeks since the video has gone live, Tomika has receive new inquiries about her service plus the video is being shared by other people because her story resonates with them.

Before working together, she didn’t have as many inquiries as she has now and for a small business, new inquiries are important.

tomika testimonial

I share this with you because it’s important to remember that your message is critical for you to stand out.

Branding is more than logos, graphics, and anything that has to do with design. Branding is very clearly about how to position yourself from everyone else and showcase what you do best.

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