What makes a brand cool…well cool?

Ever wonder what makes a cool brand…cool?

One of the “it” brands of the moment is SoulCycle!

Celebs can’t get enough of it — and Oprah celebrated her 60th birthday. SoulCycle Party

If the you are wondering why I’m obsessed with the brand it’s because of the Vibe and the Experience they create. They have a swagger that other spin classes can’t compete with. It’s basically a dance party workout, sweat session, mixed with a whole lot of inspiration.

Basically once you get off your bike, you’ll feel you literally released 10 lbs — from the amount of sweat dripping off your face to the excess baggage of unnecessary thoughts you were holding on to. You walk out feeling lighter and that you can conquer the world all at the same time.



So what does SoulCycle have to do with you?

Create an unforgettable experience that your clients can’t stop talking about. To create buzz, you want to start with the end in mind. How do you want your clients to feel at the end of their time with you or after they purchase your product? Are there any finishing touches you can provide?

Draw inspiration from other places. SoulCycle didn’t just want to create another spin class, they wanted to start a lifestyle movement. So they incorporated other inspirations into their brand. They turn off the lights and turn up the music so it’s a dance party and they focus in on providing inspirational upliftment during their classes. What are you inspired by? What else can you bring to your brand that is not currently being done now?

Assignment: Find your inspiration and bring it into your brand to create that WOW experience they can’t get anywhere else. 

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