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Wondering what stylish tools you need? I have a whole list of them. These are tools I use or have used to run my business. 

While some of the links are affiliate links, I only recommend things that have helped me with my business. The good news is you won't have to search and test out different products. I'll break it down the best of the best for you! This the top 10+ tools to use.

My Top 10+ Stylish Tools

Visual & Graphics


Not a graphic designer, no problem! Designing doesn't have to be a challenge. You can create great looks for your website without breaking into your piggy bank like the designers on Project Runway. This handy dandy tool has all the editing features you need. From creating transparent background to removing blemishes to adding graphic details to your design, this has it all. In fact, just about every graphic you see on this site was made by yours truly on PicMonkey! And most of it is free!! You can upgrade to the Royale feature if you want to use the extra special graphics, but it's not required.


Another amazing tool to design your graphics! Why do I heart it? Because I can make quick graphics and post it to my Facebook page. And there's even stylish templates you can use to create really beautiful social media posts. But the best part about Canva is you can save your masterpieces!!!!! This is huge. I've even made my ebook content graphics in Canva. Most of it's free, unless you see a $ then those graphics are $1 a piece. But still...better than a few hundred dollars for some fancy pants graphic design program.


Sometimes you need to call in a glam squad to help you out with your graphics. Fiverr is the perfect place to look for graphic design work and a few other things. And it starts at $5 base price. Now that's a bargin! I personally use Fiverr to for my e-book cover design and also logo designs. Just be sure to read the reviews so you find the perfect match for your job. My favorite designer is Lauria. I probably should keep her a secret so I can us her talent for my own projects (because she's that good). But I know how hard it can be to find someone when you're first starting out so here you go (be sure to tell her I sent you).

DIY Website


Every website needs a domain name. Dynadot is my go to place to find the perfect domain name for my every need. I like it because it is easy to use and it doesn't push you to buy more stuff. Buy the domain name + domain privacy on Dynadot for less than a new gorgeous cocktail ring from Anthropologie.

InMotion Hosting: 

You're domain needs a home (aka Hosting Site). I've been using InMotion Hosting for the last 3 years. Their customer service is one of the best. And believe me, if you are creating your own site, then you definitely want good customer service who can help you if you somehow crash your page (not that I'm saying I've made this little boo boo before). 


WordPress.Org is not to be confused with WordPress.Com. Yes, I know...what's the difference because it looks almost identical? WordPress.Org allows you to host your website on your own domain name and hosting site (aka the previous two links above). I use WordPress.Org because it allows you to customize the look and feel for your website. You can buy pre-made templates or customize your own site to your hearts desire. This means if you don't like your look, you can change it without losing the content inside.

Headway Theme: 

Now that you have the backend basics of the website, it's time to dress it up. I've tried all kinds of themes in the past (note, a theme is the template you use to build your website). And I love using Headway! It's the theme I built this website on. I must admit it is a bit tricky to use at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's smooth sailing and totally customizable. If you're a newbie, good news, they also have pre-made templates for you to choose from so you don't have to start from scratch.


How do you gain a following? By adding people to your email list. But before you just randomly add people (which you can't), you need to have them opt-in. Thankfully LeadPages allows you to do this with a whole lotta ease. You don't need to know any coding or how to build a website. This drag and drop template allows you to build beautiful opt-in, thank you, sales, and training pages in a flash. Thank you LeadPages for making my business life easier!


You can't grow a list without some sort of email marketing program. This way you can send all the love notes to your followers you want. I personally use AWeber and have for years. It's super easy to use and really affordable too. You can even start with just $0! Yep, 30 day free trial. I love free samples, don't you?

Extra Support


With a growing business, you'll need a support team. And it doesn't have to cost you a fortune either. UpWork is a great way to get affordable help for some daily tasks. I personally use my virtual assistant (VA) to help me with my social media posts. Being in 2 places at once doesn't really work for me so I feel very Beyonce-like with my own personal VA. If you want to feel like Beyonce and have your own VA, head over to UpWork to find your star support team!

Because you are not meant to be

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