Blah brands get passed by.

Good brands get noticed, big time.

Which type of brand do you want for your biz?

Something tells me you want to get noticed. 

And not just a little notice, but in a big way.

And to be noticed big time, it means starting with your brand and positioning yourself to be the best.

In the 2 months went from unknown to the go-to expert in branding, booking 1:1 clients and being asked to be the branding expert in 6 experts programs.

Since then I have sold out my 1:1 coaching (including a $18K month), sold my first group program, grew my email list to almost 2,000 people, and built a following of over 1,500 people in my private mastermind group.

In a crowded market you have to position yourself to be the go-to brand for your ideal clients.

But it takes more than just a pretty website or a logo.

Because a pretty website or logo means nada if you look and sound like everyone else that is out there.

And that’s where branding strategy comes to play.

Think about it.

+ What makes Apple different than Samsung or Microsoft?

+ Why are people willing to pay higher prices for Apple?

+ Why are people so fiercely loyal to Apple that they’ll wait outside for the new releases?

It’s their brand position.

Apple knows what their brand stands for, what makes them special, and what their customer wants.

How would you like your brand to be the 'must have' brand in your industry?

Breaking through the crowd and becoming the go-to brand in my industry has helped me rapidly grown Brand Fame with clients who already want to work with me.

And that’s exactly what the 21 Brand Fame Spark Guides will help you figure out.

These are the steps I’ve used in my current business and when I worked on Lean Cuisine, launching a $54 million product in a crowded space and winning Product of the Year.

These guides will help you:

  • Understand the basics of branding
  • Get crystal clear on the right niche for your biz
  • Find your ideal target clients with ease
  • Craft your core message so your clients will automatically want to work with you
  • Position yourself to be #1 in the market (making competition irrelevant)
  • Develop your brand style and voice
  • Build your list with ease
  • And more...

What You'll Learn:

Clarity Is Power

1. BRILLIANCE: Uncover Your Brilliance

2. SUPERPOWER: Find The Superpowers To Propel You To Success

3. NICHE: Uncover Your Niche

4. INSIGHT: Unlock What Your Clients REAL Desires Are

5. HEART: Find The Heart Of Your Brand

6. MONEY: Know Your Money Goals Inside & Out

7. REQUIREMENTS: Determine Your Ideal Client Requirements

Uncover Your Unique & Special Position

8. COMPETITORS: Find Your Competitors Position

9. BENEFIT: Harness Your Benefit To Attract Clients

10. IT FACTOR: Find Your It Factor That Turns Heads (lots of them)

11. RULE BREAKER: Be A Rule Breaker & Stand Out In The Process

12. EXPERIENCE: Create A Unique Experience For Your Clients

13. PERSONALITY: Determine Your Brand Personality

14. VOICE: Uncover Your Brand Voice

Be A Magnet For Clients

15. 3 STEP PLAN: Learn The 3 Steps You Need To Get Clients

16. FREEBIES: Craft Your Killer Freebie Everyone Wants

17. CONTENT: Write Content That Connects With Your Clients

18. GRAPHICS: Learn The 411 On Graphics That Sell

19. 21 DIY MARKETING PLAN: Learn 21 Ways To DIY Your Marketing

20. MARKETING CALENDAR: Plan Your Marketing So You Stay In Demand

21. MINDSET: Shift Your Mindset & Attract Abundance

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Not sure this is right for you?

Here's what some people had to say about the Brand Fame Spark Guides...

People who have used this guides think I'm crazy for charging this low of a price. They told me it's worth at least $97 if not more because it made them think about their brand in a whole new way.

And for only $47, you'll get all 21 guides instantly.

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