It's your time to shine in the online world. And build your business you've always envisioned.

But there's one challenge (or maybe more than one). Building your successful business doesn't happen overnight. Wouldn't that be nice?

  • You got the goods, you are doing "ok", but just not selling like the hotcakes you thought it would.
  • Your badass message seems to be falling a little lot flat and you’re not sure why it’s not turning heads.
  • You feel like a carbon copy of every other chick online -- and the real you isn't shining online.
  • And instead of clarity on what to do next, you are lost, confused, and unsure how to actually make money in your business...

And when you are invisible to your potential clients, there are no leads and definitely no profits coming your way.

Getting your branding foundation right is the key to profits. Otherwise you’ll be spending time and money on your blog, social media, website, Facebook ads, videos, etc and with no results to show for it.

Because if your message doesn’t connect with your clients in a big way then you might as well be invisible.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

After I spent time building my brand foundation (getting clarity on my message, identifying my unique position in the marketplace, creating strategies to market my services) guess what happened...

My new ebook was downloaded 800+ times, my email list shot up by 1200+ people, I booked new 1:1 clients immediate, became the go-to brand strategy expert for 6 other high profile experts’ courses, and successfully sold my first group course.

How long did really take for this to happen?

2 months.

And I recently had my best month ever where I booked 8 new 1:1 clients and I’ve been asked to be the go to brand expert on 3 other experts’ programs.

It doesn’t have to take forever for your business to boom!

If you’re not showing up and standing out online, it’s probably because you haven’t shared your one-of-a-kind personality, story, and brand with your community.

Because - as I am damn sure you've heard a million times - if you don't stand out, your clients won't see you.

Making money online is about getting noticed and being the ONLY option your clients want!


12 weeks of personalized attention (with a strict no fluff zone). You'll find the heart and soul of your brand while also building ninja marketing strategies to catapult you to brand fame, nix competition, and become the #1 choice for your clients.

Here’s the deal. I’ll work with you one-on-one for 12 fabulous weeks to nail your brand identity and discover the smartest way for you to attract your dream clients. It’s a combo of mentorship and mastery with a dash of moxie. 

Once I’m finished with you, you’ll know how to catapult your business to the next level using your extraordinary strengths, story, and personality. You’ll have clients waiting at your virtual door. 

And by the end you have...A brand that is known by your clients while allowing you to make a greater impact. And a process that enables you to bring in leads into your business on autopilot so you can make it rain [fans + clients + profits].

The 12 week Brand Fame Influence will show you exactly how to:

  • Really understand problems your tribe want you to solve and how you can position yourself as the go-to expert.
  • Create messaging that matches your viewpoints, resonates with your dream clients, and serves as the foundation for all of your marketing platforms (ie emails, web copy, Facebook ads, social media, etc.).
  • Strategically nail your position to be able to charge more (that’s what good branding does).
  • Share your business in an authentic way that gets people interested every time.

What we’ll cover:

Clarity & Position

We'll start with laying the foundation of your business by getting super clear on refining your ideal client, what you do, why it’s valuable, and how to position yourself as the #1 solution for your client. We’ll work on understanding your strengths and turning them into the BIGGEST reason why your clients buy from you.

  • Get clarity on your vision and the one thing you want to be known for because once you are known, you'll have clients flocking to you
  • Uncover the root of your ideal clients problems so they’ll think you can read their mind
  • Develop your unique position in the market to help you leave competition in the dust

Message & Brand Identity

Getting your message right means the difference between having clients flock to you and hearing crickets. Because if they can’t tell what you do and why they need you they won’t look or buy.

And to go from blah to WOW, you’ll need a brand identity that is unique as you so you don’t look like a carbon copy of someone else’s brand.

  • Learn how to share your story that captivates attention every time
  • Create your unique brand identity (voice, personality, look, feel) so you are one of a kind instead of one of many
  • Craft a memorable experience for your ideal clients at every touchpoint to build a tribe of loyal fans (after all loyal fans turn into clients and will tell more people about you)

Your Package & No Brainer Offer

Your signature offer is the bread and butter of your business. And the way you present it matters. Have what people want and they will buy it. We’ll work on making you irresistible by making sure you’re matching the right solution to the right problem for your right clients. And when we do, they’ll be saying ‘Yes Please’ every time.

  • Refine your package or sales offer to make sure it’s a no brainer for your ideal clients want to buy pronto
  • Write sales page that pops off the screen actually SELLS, SELLS, SELLS
  • Craft captivating headlines that captures attention immediately

Lead Generation & Marketing

There’s a saying, “Your money is in your list” and this is 100% true. If you don’t have fans and a constant line of people itching to buy from you then clients and profits will be hard to come by. No worries though, we’ll work on creating an exploding list of emails so you have a steady stream of leads.

  • Strategically create your sales funnel to magnetically attract new leads
  • Market your message so your ideal clients know EXACTLY what you do and why they should buy from you
  • Develop your marketing plan and uncover the right platforms your ideal markets are on so you can market directly to them
  • Build and nurture a strong relationship with your ideal clients through a sound email marketing strategy so they fall more and more in love with what you have to offer

Here’s what you receive:

(1) Two hour 1:1 intensive where we will do a deep dive into your business and lay the foundation of of your business.

(11) 45 minute 1:1 coaching calls done every week. You’ll be coached towards achieving a brand and business that is known and LOVED by your clients. These sessions are a collaborative experience and your opportunity to ask for advice, feedback on materials you created & support. And because they are done every week, you’ll have time time to implement, which is key to your success.

Playsheets and exercises that match exactly to where you are at in your business so you can continue to hone in on your unique message, style, and voice, find the right clients to serve, plan you strategy to magnetically attract clients, and more.

12 weeks of quick email support in between sessions to answer questions that come up in between coaching calls.

Please note: because this 12 week program is highly personalized, I have only a limited number of spaces each month. We start with a 2 hour intensive because I have found that longer dedicated time improves the effectiveness for my clients and allows for more room to develop the right answers for your business, especially in the very beginning.

By the end of the 12 weeks together, you will be given a simple, easy process to:

Position what you do around your dream client’s needs and in the process learn how to create a brand that is LOVED.

Figure out your ideal client (ever struggled with this exercise before? We will walk you through it in a way that will make everything click into place and give you some giant aha’s.)

Create a message that communicates your value proposition and positions you as the only solution to meet your client’s needs.

Build a message that shows your clients that you are the real deal, you know your shit, and you’re the perfect person to help your client.

Cultivate your X factor and learn how to shine online and offline. Feel invisible no more!

Create a signature offer from the ground up that solves the exact problem your clients are facing today. Make it easy as pie to purchase from you with one click.

Build a sales page - with killer copy - and a funnel that nurtures your leads and turns them into clients. Hot! 

AND once and for all you’ll be able to break the bland, catapult yourself into fame, and make it rain [fans + clients + profits].

This program is not one size fits all. And because it is highly personalized, I only have a few spots available. The program is right for you if you...

  • Have a business, product, or clients already and things have just not been moving as fast as you’d like it to
  • Like to move fast and super motivated to take immediate action
  • Want to be seen in a big way online, build a big following, and book new clients
  • Are ready to position yourself as the #1 solution for your clients
  • Have a gung ho attitude, are 100% committed...basically are in it to win it

This program is not right for you if you…

  • Are expecting to magically have a booming business without putting in the time, energy, and money
  • Take the slow and steady approach to building your business
  • Are looking for a quick fix solution to all your business problem
  • Like to start something but not finish it
  • Are not coachable and willing to get feedback

You deserve to stop being invisible in your business and start making a bigger impact by being known for what you do.

And it all starts with getting clarity on your message, creating a unique brand identity, and developing a magnetic marketing strategy so that you can stand out, attract fans, book clients, and make profits.

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