Black Friday Sales: Do or Don’t For Your Brand?


It’s the day before Thanksgiving (at least in the US) and already, there’s buzz around Black Friday sales.

From retailers to online business, this weekend signals the beginning of the holiday buying frenzy.

But does Black Friday Sales really help your business?

The answer is, it really depends on your business goals.

If you are looking for quick influx in cash, they it may work (depending on how big of a list you have because if you don’t have a list or if you have a teeny tiny one, then you probably won’t see too many sales — just saying).

But for the long term, it may not be good for your business or brand.


Because the problem is, you are going to be in competition for people’s attention to buy from you. When there are literally hundreds of similar options, people will choose the cheapest.

And that defeats the purpose of having a highly valued brand that people want. (I doubt Chanel has a Black Friday sale — If they do, let me know because I’ll be first in line).

Plus, once you start discounting (and doing it often), people start to wait to buy your products until they see a discount, which erodes your brand equity.

The point is when you want to create a brand, don’t follow trends or fads.

You need to go against the grain and do something else that makes YOU stand out from the rest of the pack by peaking interest and grabbing attention.

Otherwise it’ll be hard to convince someone to buy from you vs. your competitor.

Instead you want to find that ONE thing that makes you different. It’s what I like to call the ‘It’ Factor.

I recently did a training on “Discover Your Brand It Factor & Make Bank In Your Biz” and you can grab the training here for FREE.

Focus on what makes you different, rather than discounting to make a quick buck.

It’ll actually help you in the long run.

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