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Ready to go from best kept secret to the next online darling?

It's time for YOU to SHINE!

Busting the blandness and helping you get seen is my MO. 

Once we are done, you'll finally get noticed for what you do best.

Luisa just had an $800K launch!

But...I don't just talk about logos, graphics, and websites!

Branding goes beyond what meets the eyes.

To create the knockout brand you desire, it all starts with your core message and positioning yourself in the market so you become irreplaceable!



But the market is saturated with a whole lot of sameness.

Coaches doing and saying EXACTLY the same thing.

With websites that look practically identical.

For you to blow up online, you must buck the trends.

And find your own TRUE brand message, identity, style.

That's where I come in...


To figure out what is true for your brand and YOUR BRAND ONLY.

My promise to you is that you won't look or sound like everyone else out there.

And we do this by going deep within you...

To uncover what's special about you and your message.

Because EVERYTHING in your brand & business starts with capturing the right core message that is aligned to you and speaks directly to your ideal clients' hearts.

Monica launched her first digital course!

Meet Minling

Hello beautiful!

As the chief Brand Geek here, I am so happy you landed on my online home. 

I quickly wanted to share who I am so we can get to know each other, but I promise this won't be long (you can check out the long version here).

Branding has been my love for over 8 years when I studied consumer marketing at grad school (yes, I have an MBA) and throughout my career at Nestle. While at Nestle, I worked on million / billion dollar brands such as Nestle Toll House and Lean Cuisine. I even lead the team that created a $54 million product and won the coveted Product Of The Year award.

And I've consulted for other billion dollar companies such as Toyota, UBM, and Sumitomo Corporation.

I say this not to brag, but to share that I didn't just wake up one day and decide to be a "branding coach". This has been in my blood for many years.

Because of my depth of knowledge around branding, I've have the privilege of coaching new entrepreneurs, six figure earners, and seven figure earners on their brand strategy and help them craft the right brand / message that speaks directly to their ideal clients' hearts.

I've also written for the Huffington Post, been the Brand Expert in 9 other leading coaches programs, been featured in multiple podcasts, and spoke in front of hundreds of women around branding.

My branding philosophy is that branding goes deeper than just looks (visuals, graphics, logo, website). If you REALLY want to get noticed, you have to get your message straight because that is the core of your brand.

You can read more about these topics on my blog.

Or if you are ready to go deeper with your Brand and want my help, book a complimentary strategy session to see if you are a good fit for any of my programs.


Choose Your Journey

Because you are not meant to be

Bland (And Neither Is Your Brand)!

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